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v. daubed, daub·ing, daubs
1. To cover or smear with a soft adhesive substance such as plaster, grease, or mud.
2. To apply paint to (a surface) with hasty or crude strokes.
3. To apply with quick or crude strokes: daubed glue on the paper.
1. To apply paint or coloring with crude, unskillful strokes.
2. To make crude or amateurish paintings.
3. To daub a sticky material.
1. The act or a stroke of daubing.
2. A soft adhesive coating material such as plaster, grease, or mud.
3. Matter daubed on.
4. A crude, amateurish painting or picture.

[Middle English dauben, from Old French dauber, from Latin dēalbāre, to whitewash : dē-, intensive pref.; see de- + albus, white; see albho- in Indo-European roots.]

daub′er n.
daub′er·y (dô′bə-rē) n.
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Noun1.dauber - an unskilled painter
painter - an artist who paints
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[ˈdɔːbəʳ] daubster [ˈdɔːbstəʳ] Npintor(a) m/f de brocha gorda, mal(a) pintor(a) m/f
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n (pej)Kleckser(in) m(f)
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I won't be a common-place dauber, so I don't intend to try any more."
And what may a mechanic get -- carpenter, dauber, mason, painter, blacksmith, wheelwright, and the like?"
Yes, it is so, my beloved, and you may believe an old man who has had many years of experience, and knows both the world and mankind, rather than a set of scribblers and daubers.
The board of directors is comprised of nine members, including: Casey Crenshaw, James Reddinger, James Aivalis, Will Crenshaw, Ben Broussard, Arthur Dauber, Mushahid Khan, Edward Kuntz and Peter Mitchell.
Este musculo se origina en el epicondilo medial del humero (Testut & Latarjet, 1967; Garcia-Porrero & Hurle; Dauber, 2007; Moore et al., 2010), mientras que su insercion la realiza en la cara anterior y en el vertice de la aponeurosis palmar (Testut & Latarjet; ORahilly, 1989; Rouviere & Delmas, 2001; Dauber; Moore et al.).
"The appellate court has now rejected that idea and I think everyone, including Brock Turner, would be better served by accepting the jury's verdict and moving on," Stanford law professor Michelle Dauber, who led the judge's panel, said calling on Turner to drop any further appeals.
With 52 per cent of precincts reporting, the campaign to unseat Persky, organised by Stanford law professor Michele Dauber, had garnered support from nearly 59 per cent of voters, compared with 41 percent opposing the recall, according to online returns posted by the county registrar.
Front row (left to right): Robert Patt (Air Force), Wayne Dauber (Joint Staff), Air Force Master Sgt.
Andrew Dauber and Vivian Hwa have a patent for the use of recombinant PAPP-A2 as a growth promoting agent.
Spanning the breadth of that history, from the Bible to "Seinfeld" and beyond, Columbia University professor Jeremy Dauber's Jewish Comedy: A Serious History is an erudite and entertaining exploration of the multidimensional Jewish comic sensibility, one that plows familiar ground while also unearthing humor in some surprising places.