daubery, daubry

a painting or other work executed in a messy or unskilled way. — dauber, daubster, n.
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General Manager Jerome Colin and Area Export Manager Julien Daubry hailed the fair as the best in Asia.
In some cases, the creative act is biographical: Elias Canetti creates a literary character based on Immanuel Kant, Peter Kien, who strives for the same mastery over the material as Canetti's real-life obsession, the sculptor Fritz Wotruba ("Elias Canetti's Auto-da-fe," 140-163) while Sophie Calle throws herself into the substance of the writerly imagination, recreating Jean Daubry from his address book and living the life of one of Paul Auster's characters for her own exhibition, Double Games ("Voyeuristic Monomania, Sophie Calle's rituals," 180-192).