(ˈdɔːndə) ,




1. a walk or amble
2. a bout of quaking or trembling
vb (intr)
3. to amble or walk
4. to talk without making sense
5. to shudder or quake
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The Deeside Stride and the Duthie Daunder are set to be held on Saturday in aid of Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland.
I'm not sure if Paula will be watching, but if she is it would be horrible to watch someone just daunder round.
I daunder about the place, ending up in Badachro Inn for a big bowl of soup and more of my book.
Just a daunder, she said, to fill in the afternoon.
She will raise money for Carron Stroke Group by taking part in the Duthie Daunder and Deeside Stride on Saturday June 15.
After a daunder about, we head home before turning round and going straight out again, this time to drop our pals at The Tattoo.
Morag Reid, 58, pictured right, from Stonehaven, has challenged herself to the one-mile walk at the Duthie Daunder and Deeside Stride on Saturday June 15, to raise vital funds for Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland and the Carron Stroke Group.
You see, folks, after a wee daunder down Buchanan Street the other day, I've come to the conclusion that Glasgow's biggest library is actually Borders books.
ANYONE wondering where the nationalist search for Scotland's destiny goes next ought to have daundered to the Supreme Court this week.