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(ˈdɔːndə) ,




1. a walk or amble
2. a bout of quaking or trembling
vb (intr)
3. to amble or walk
4. to talk without making sense
5. to shudder or quake
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campus recreational facilities) (Huesman et al., 2009; LaCaille, Nicols Dauner, Krambeer, & Pedersen, 2011; Small, Bailey-Davis, Morgan, & Maggs, 2012).
12/867,680, "Susceptibility Variants for Lung Cancer," examiner Joseph Dauner initially challenged a claim asserting a method of identifying a susceptibility gene "wherein the individual is of an ancestry that includes Caucasian ancestry," (36) stating that "[t]his ethnic group is considered indefinite because it is not clearly defined in the specification and there is no art recognized definition for the group." (37) Here, however, the applicant, the Icelandic firm Decode Genetics, pushed back.
A fox saw the mouse and the mouse looked good" to "A gallus moose taen a dauner through a scary big wood.
(LaCaille, Dauner, Krambeer, & Pedersen, 2011).
For example, researchers have examined student attitudes towards selling careers (Bellenger, Bernhardt, and Wayman, 1974; Dauner and Johnson, 1979; Karakaya, Quigley, and Bingham, 2011); cross-national investigations of student attitudes towards personal selling (e.g., Lysonski and Durvasula, 1998; Karakaya, Quigley, and Bingham, 2011); attitudes of women toward professional selling (e.g., Cook and Hartman, 1986); perceptual differences by race (DelVecchio, 2000; DelVecchio and Honeycutt, 2002); and student preference for sales careers (Dubinsky and O'Connor, 1983; Swenson et al.
As noted earlier, university student PA is determined by personal, psychosocial, and environmental factors (Keating et al., 2005; LaCaille, Dauner, Krambeer, & Pedersen, 2011).
Larry Coryell cofounded the legendary Eleventh House jazz fusion group in the 1970s and continued to display his dizzying guitar playing in collaborations with such musical greats as Charles Mingus, Steve Marcus, Chico Hamilton, Bob Moses, Wolfgang Dauner and John McLaughlin.