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 (dônt′lĭs, dänt′-)
Incapable of being intimidated or discouraged; fearless. See Synonyms at brave.

daunt′less·ly adv.
daunt′less·ness n.
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Noun1.dauntlessness - resolute courageousness
braveness, bravery, courage, courageousness - a quality of spirit that enables you to face danger or pain without showing fear
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Struck by his desperate dauntlessness, and his wild desire to visit Christendom, the captain at last relented, and told him he might make himself at home.
Nobuteru Mori, the founder of SDK, had a motto of "Dauntlessness and Indomitableness." The essence of this motto is his ambition to continue boldly facing adversities, explore untrodden fields, and contribute to the development of the Company and society.
Synonyms: bravery, braveness, courage, courageousness, valor, valiance, intrepidity, intrepidness, boldness, daring, audacity, audaciousness, fearlessness, doughtiness, dauntlessness, pluck, indomitability, stout-heartedness, lionheartedness, backbone, spine, spirit, fortitude, mettle, gallantry, chivalry.
TO ESTABLISH CIVILIZATION IN THE North American wilderness required heroic energy, courage, sacrifice, and dauntlessness, from both ordinary and extraordinary men and women.
Such dauntlessness encouraged the belief that Khashoggi's planned murder must have been just a minor occurrence in a bigger scheme of things.
A Northern Girl, approximately 8-10 years old, who was brought up in a family of soldiers and displays "dauntlessness and integrity." According to the site, it appears this role was already cast and may be the role of "Martha," which will be portrayed by a young actress named Bronte Carmichael.
Fallaci was born in 1929 to working-class parents and proved her dauntlessness as a tiny, pigtailed bike messenger for anti-Fascists in the Second World War Florence, when she was just 14.
It took a while before I finished it, but when I did, I managed to bring home with me the essential lesson of dauntlessness and curiosity.
The actual soldier of 1862-'65, North and South, with all his ways, his incredible dauntlessness, habits, practices, tastes, language, his fierce friendship, his appetite, rankness, his superb strength and animality, lawless gait, and a hundred unnamed lights and shades of camp, I say, will never be written.
The whole nation of Pakistan must salute to the courage, guts and speaking the truth of Graish, I wished in our land of pure we find any soul of his integrity and dauntlessness. Tipu Sultan is least known in Pakistan, in India his birth anniversary is being celebrated, paying rich tribute to the legendry ruler of Maysore who demonstrated not only the courage of the highest order but a classic example of tolerance and equality among his people.
Their resolve drives them to build empires and there are times when that dauntlessness gives them the strength to rise from the ashes.