dawdle along

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w>dawdle along

vidahinbummeln; (+prep obj) → entlangbummeln
References in classic literature ?
My captains made faster runs than ever and earned bigger bonuses, as did my supercargoes, who saw to it that my schooners did not loaf and dawdle along the way.
In order to further his mission, they had to be ready to go out, carrying "no money bag, no sack, no sandals." They weren't to dawdle along the way; they were to stay with the first person who offered them hospitality and never complain about the food.
Before lorries became the size of juggernauts you could dawdle along, admiring the scenery and the lovely little villages.
All of a sudden they have had to step up - they can't just dawdle along and get by.
There are certainly every day challenges on the daily commute between Saar and Sanad but I think I've got the number on the erratic antics of the many who enjoy a mobile phone chat, the ladies who dawdle along in the middle line of the highway day-dreaming about what colour their toenails should be painted and the Saudi speedsters hammering along towards the Causeway.
A weakness is a tendency to dawdle along in second gear with characters to match.
PEOPLE who dawdle along when you are clearly holding a door open for them.
I can't bear going to supermarkets at the best of times and tend to whiz around them as if I'm on Supermarket Sweep but for some people, it's a meeting place, a place to chat in the aisles and dawdle along as if they have all the time in the world.
On ground that was much softer than the official firm, Kawada was quite animated in the early stages, but was then allowed to dawdle along in front and had the field stacked up behind him as they passed the quarter-mile marker.
Graves said there are 40 to 60 gray whales that regularly drop out of the spring migration to dawdle along the central coast to eat.
Flat Cap Tax: Levied on those geezers who get in their cars (usually Rovers) on a Sunday and dawdle along at 20mph.
Incidentally, I believe in speed only where it is safe to do so and my licence is clean but will someone please remind those drivers who think that the speed limit on single carriageway is not 50mph that it is actually 60mph and that if they wish to dawdle along then they should allow faster traffic to overtake as slow drivers can cause others to take unnecessary risks.