day care center

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: care center - a nursery for the supervision of preschool children while the parents workday care center - a nursery for the supervision of preschool children while the parents work
baby's room, nursery - a child's room for a baby
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The Governor said setting up of Day Care Center in respective universities was tremendously important because varsities have a lot of number of married women in which they face difficulties for caring of their young children during lecture to students about syllabus.
The Day Care Centers Bill 2019, moved by MNA Shazia Marri, also stated that non-compliance of the bill could first lead to warning, followed by a fine of Rs100, 000 and then six months in prison.
The Day Care center was inaugurated by Managing Director/ CEO BOK Saif Ul Islam on 11th January 2019.
Member Provincial Assembly (MPA) Shakeel Shahid,and MPA Adil Parvaiz inaugurated the Day Care Center on Monday.
"Hotel Jen Manila is dedicated to supporting our neighbors, and the revamp of this day care center is a great achievement for all those involved and will give the children of the community an advantage in life," Duadua said.
Maria Lourdes Usana, spokesperson of Rizal police, said the victim Arvin Zapanta, 44, Barangay San Gabriel chairman, was standing in front of the village-run day care center when motorcycle-riding gunmen fired shots at him.
Because the patient's clinical signs and symptoms suggested chronic exposure to mercury vapors, investigators focused on a large family-run home day care center attended by the child (2).
"We are very excited, and plan to open the new Pakachoag Acres Day Care Center in 2015,'' he said.
The other male works at this day care center. Right now we're investigating [if] this was related to a recent separation between a couple."
The day care center is the first ever in the village.
In 2005 she had to move because she was too close to a day care center. Now she and her husband may have to move again because they're too close to a school bus stop, a location added to the state's list of restrictions last April.
The Court of Appeals of North Carolina sustained a decision of the Property Tax Commission denying a nonprofit day care center a real estate tax exemption.