day sailer

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day sail·er

A small sailboat for day trips.
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He now owns an O'Day day sailer - a 14-foot mono hull with a sleeper cabin, a main sail and a smaller front sail or jib.
Although the day sailer is much slower than his other boats, the history teacher at Shepherd Hill Regional still enjoys racing.
Poli-Dixon wasn't ashamed to admit that on this day Sailer wasn't the only one thanking McNown for second chances.
Italian boutique yacht builder Brenta has added a new 52-foot day sailer to its expanding offering which sacrifices the cabin roof and some interior space to make way for a large lounge extending from the helms forward to the mast.
The concept of day sailers is certainly not new, but how Luca Brenta Yacht Design (LBYD), creators of the new B-Yachts brand, have approached this stunning vision is bred from the world of custom sailing superyachts.