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One who takes a trip during the day without an overnight stop.
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a person who goes on a trip, esp. an excursion, lasting all or part of a day.
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David Waboso, Network Rail's Managing Director for Digital DAY-TRIPPER: Railway, who earns up to PS359,999, took two separate day trips between London airports and Edinburgh last year, one for PS122 and the other for PS134.
The designs, weights and lengths are built to serve every adventurer's purpose, from white-water maneuverability and summer camp durability to light-weight casual day-tripper canoes or large capacity freighters: big canoes built to handle heavy loads (up to 3,000 to 4,000 pounds) and can accommodate a motor.
"'Years ago a famous remark about Nantucket's day-tripper tourists was attributed to the billionaire property owner and preservationist Walter Beinecke.
Santos was branded "unprofessional" and a "day-tripper".
A DAY-TRIPPER was killed after falling from a rope swing over a rock pool, an inquest heard.
Phil Bateman, corporate affairs director at Travel Midland Metro, said the company was also set to introduce new types of tickets for trams, including Adult Metro Day-Tripper Tickets, and Child Metro Day-Tripper Tickets and Family Metro Day-Trippers.
Nearly 61 per cent of travellers using the trains for leisure were visiting friends and relations while 22 per cent were heading for holiday destinations or day-tripper attractions.
David Ash, of website said: "Hauliers have been doing it for years, so it makes sense for Joe Public too."
Day-tripper Rachel Read, a 27-year-old receptionist from London, said: "It is gorgeous down here, it is lovely and hot and the sun has been shining all day."
During the first year of the scheme, more than 145,000 passengers bought their bus and rail tickets direct from West Midlands buses making travel plans much easier for the general public, with tickets like the Centrocard and Day-tripper enabling customers to make journeys on trains and buses using just one ticket.
The day-tripper found it on a beach used to prepare for D-Day in 1944.
One unlucky day-tripper misplaced their bag of goodies and now a good Samaritan is trying to reunite them with their owner.