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1. Office employees and other personnel who work days.
2. The side of a planet facing its star.

day′side′ adj.


1. astronomy the area of a planet that is nearest the sun
2. (Journalism & Publishing) journalism the staff of a newspaper who work during the day
relating to work that is done or people who work during the daytime



the side of a planet or moon illuminated by the sun.
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The temperature difference between dayside and nightside was so extreme that it precluded an atmosphere, which ought to circulate heat from the dayside to the nightside.
Having written his doctoral thesis on the electrodynamics of the nightside auroral ionosphere, he has moved on to a number of different research areas including the study of the dayside plasma environment of near-Earth space and the coupling between the solar wind, magnetosphere and ionosphere using ground based radar observations by SuperDARN and in situ field and plasma measurements from Earth orbiting satellites.
Furthermore, although the magnetic field direction changes in a turbulent manner, whenever the z component of the magnetic field changes to point southward (a negative Bz), there is magnetic reconnection on the dayside magnetosphere, leading to increased solar wind-magnetosphere coupling, even under ambient conditions.
Astronomers believe this process happens in all hot Jupiters, but a combination of being tidally locked and extremely massive prevents the titanium oxide on Kepler-13Ab from mixing back into the dayside atmosphere.
Seeing the opposite on Kepler-13Ab led the researchers to surmise that there must be some mechanism in place that was removing the titanium oxide from the dayside atmosphere of the gas giant.
The Trials contributed to the crowd, but so did the Bach Festival and the Oregon Country Fair, said Edson Clements, dayside manager at the eatery his family owns and runs.
2014), MARSIS works as a topside ionospheric sounder, where the ionization from the spacecraft to the maximum ionization region (~135 km for pure dayside conditions) is sampled.
Dekker discovers an old grandfather clock with a skull face and he inadvertently opens a door between Dayside, land of the living, and Nightside, realm of the dead.
September 20-25--Fairbanks: Scientific objectives of the proposed CCEMD include magnetic storms, auroral and magnetospheric substorms, dayside and tail magnetic reconnections, and new results of the MMS mission.
She is the keeper of the Nightclock and their little town of Button Hill is a gateway between Dayside and Nightside.
Along a radial cut of the plasma coming inward from the Sun near the dayside sub-solar point, the solar wind and magnetosheath flow is high-beta, the magnetopause and immediate (thin) plasma boundary provides a high to low beta transition, and immediately within the low-latitude boundary layer (within the outer magnetosphere) plasma is low-beta.