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Adv.1.dazedly - in a dazedazedly - in a daze; in a dazed manner; "he wondered dazedly whether the term after next at his new school wouldn't matter so much"
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I--I never saw anything like her," he answered, rather dazedly.
Rusty went rolling helplessly over on the rug; he picked himself up dazedly.
He apologizes for coming in with a weapon in his hand," I said, dazedly.
That means long flights, wandering dazedly through strange places, sometimes not knowing what or where we'll be eating next or exactly when we'll make it to our next destination.
He and Slade shared a heartwarming rapport, and right from the violas' announcement of the dazedly swaying opening theme we could confidently predict a very special orchestral collaboration.
When a trooper asked him if he was aware that he was in Eugene, Boyle "looked at (the trooper) dazedly and said slowly, 'No.
The midtown July light and heat had all gathered up and stamped itself dazedly into my eyes like the shining engraving on the "New York" state quarter in my coin collection, so I could believe that there was an actual time difference between New York and Baltimore.
A German medical orderly dazedly wandered from one man to another, but could do little for them as he lacked any first-aid supplies.
He added: "In this difficult time, I dazedly chose or hired the companionship of unsavoury and insipid types.
On sleeping with prostitutes and porn stars, he added: "In this difficult time, I dazedly chose (or hired) the companionship of unsavoury and insipid types.
Wasn't it only yesterday when the survivors of the most destructive typhoon to hit land were dazedly surveying what had remained of their homes, searching for their loved ones, and wondering how to bury their dead?
when I picked up a last delicious crust-crumb from the table, smiled dazedly at my love .