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Adv.1.dazedly - in a dazedazedly - in a daze; in a dazed manner; "he wondered dazedly whether the term after next at his new school wouldn't matter so much"
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"Father is coming home," I said dazedly. "He is to leave South America in a fortnight and will be here in November to take us back to Toronto."
"I--I never saw anything like her," he answered, rather dazedly. "I wasn't prepared--I didn't expect--good heavens, one DOESN'T expect a goddess for a landlady !
Rusty went rolling helplessly over on the rug; he picked himself up dazedly. What sort of a cat was this who had boxed his ears?
"He apologizes for coming in with a weapon in his hand," I said, dazedly.
A woman clasping a small child appears to be sipping deeply from a white tumbler in a stroke of gender equality while another man in the background is dazedly in his cups.
promiscuous, however it swivels, zooms dazedly, or plain
With his arm held by a detective, Weinstein was brought in a back entrance of the courtroom and walked in a half-circle; he dazedly looked around the room and appeared to mouth the word "wow" as he entered.
That means long flights, wandering dazedly through strange places, sometimes not knowing what or where we'll be eating next or exactly when we'll make it to our next destination.
He and Slade shared a heartwarming rapport, and right from the violas' announcement of the dazedly swaying opening theme we could confidently predict a very special orchestral collaboration.
When a trooper asked him if he was aware that he was in Eugene, Boyle "looked at (the trooper) dazedly and said slowly, 'No.' He said he must have missed his exit," the report said.
The midtown July light and heat had all gathered up and stamped itself dazedly into my eyes like the shining engraving on the "New York" state quarter in my coin collection, so I could believe that there was an actual time difference between New York and Baltimore.