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v. daz·zled, daz·zling, daz·zles
1. To dim the vision of, especially to blind with intense light.
2. To amaze, overwhelm, or bewilder with spectacular display: a figure skater who dazzled the audience with virtuosic jumps.
1. To become blinded.
2. To inspire admiration or wonder.
The act of dazzling or the state of being dazzled.

[ Frequentative of daze.]

daz′zler n.
daz′zling·ly adv.
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Adj.1.dazzled - having vision overcome temporarily by or as if by intense light; "she shut her dazzled eyes against the sun's brilliance"
blind, unsighted - unable to see; "a person is blind to the extent that he must devise alternative techniques to do efficiently those things he would do with sight if he had normal vision"--Kenneth Jernigan
2.dazzled - stupefied or dizzied by something overpowering; "I fall back dazzled at beholding myself all rosy red, / At having, I myself, caused the sun to rise."- `Chanticler' by Rostand
confused - mentally confused; unable to think with clarity or act intelligently; "the flood of questions left her bewildered and confused"
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Her merry conversation and quaint come- ments on life in general fairly dazzled the old couple, who hung on her lightest word as if it had been a prophet's utterance; and Rebecca, though she had had no previous experience, owned to herself a perilous pleasure in being dazzling, even to a couple of dear humdrum old people like Mr.
Buckingham remained for a moment dazzled. Never had Anna of Austria appeared to him so beautiful, amid balls, fetes, or carousals, as she appeared to him at this moment, dressed in a simple robe of white satin, and accompanied by Donna Estafania-- the only one of her Spanish women who had not been driven from her by the jealousy of the king or by the persecutions of Richelieu.
No more exquisitely lovely mortal was ever seen than this Princess, and it needed all an eagle's strength of sight to prevent the King being hopelessly dazzled. He perched on the top of a large orange tree, whence he was able to survey the scene and to gaze at pleasure on the Princess's charms.
The Prince reached the palace in safety, but was so dazzled at first by the Princess's beauty, which far surpassed his expectations, that he was quite dumb for a time.
We were not a hundred feet from the burning focus, the light of which increased and dazzled our eyes.
She rushed in bareheaded, carrying him in her arms, with his knee all beautifully bandaged, and was so sympathetic and beautiful that my wife was too dazzled to ask her name."
But it was just like Ellen, he felt, to have rushed in bareheaded, carrying the boy in her arms, and to have dazzled poor Mrs.
My eyes are already so dazzled that I can scarcely see."
Thom Petty dazzled in the role of the merchant himself, Antonio.
The poll, commissioned by the RAC, claims 'some' or 'most' car headlights are too bright and 54 per cent of these saying they are dazzled more regularly now than a year ago.
I have had several occasions while walking the dog or driving on roads close to where I live of being dazzled by an oncoming cyclist who is ignorant that their light is both inconsiderate to other road users and downright dangerous, as being dazzled in this way can cause a moment's blindness, enough to cause an accident.
A new report from motoring services company, Royal Automobile Club (RAC), has revealed that 15% of drivers have been involved in a near miss after being dazzled by the headlights of other vehicles.