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diameter at breast height




abbreviation for
(Forestry) diameter at breast height
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The two parameters used to assess the fit of the model for predicting the log velocity based on the tree velocity were DBH and [rho] (Table 2).
Each family was classified using the criteria derived from DBH and clear bole height.
Simple linear regression and Pearson's correlation were used to assess the relationship between DBH and the severity of mistletoe infestation (number of mistletoe clusters per tree).
black oak) dominated all diameter classes with the 10-29 cm diameter classes accounting for more than 50% of all tallied individuals, with only three stems/ha greater than 60 cm dbh.
Our study detected no difference in density of large trees between thinned and unthinned stands, which is important because studies have indicated that Abert's squirrels prefer forests that include trees >40-cm dbh (J.
In Georgia, all beech trees at the chosen sites were sampled if they were at least 10 cm in DBH, taking trees in the order they were encountered until 30 trees had been sampled.
He was wearing a ladies gold ring when his body was found, with the initials DBH inscribed inside.
Also, almost in passing, he stated that the attack was on trees of more than five inches dbh (diameter at breast height).
But DBH - she believes - will resurrect her career.