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diameter at breast height




abbreviation for
(Forestry) diameter at breast height
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Observations regarding the survival, H, and DBH variables were subjected to the ShapiroWilk normality test, while the homoscedasticity of the variances was subjected to Anscombe and Tukey's test (1963) at 5% significance level.
Trees averaged 53 cm dbh and were approximately 10 to 12 m tall.
Additionally, Mann-Whitney tests were conducted to detect differences between species occurrence and average DBH size between resting and control plots.
At this station, I set up and sampled all tree stems at least 10 cm dbh in a 1 ha plot in black-water flooded forest (igapo) under water 2-3 months per year (Myster, 2013 ).
Confidence limits for model averaged parameter estimates for basal area, DBH, lowland forest, and lowland coniferous forest (terms in best-fitting models), however, bounded 0 (Table 5).
The DBH degree is designed to prepare behavioral health providers to practice in primary care settings and other medical environments as part of an interdisciplinary team.
3]); DBH is the diameter at breast height (cm); H is the height of each tree (m); En is the natural logarithm; and [xi] is the random error.