de Beauvoir

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de Beauvoir

(French də bovwar)
(Biography) Simone (simɔn). 1908–86, French existentialist novelist and feminist, whose works include Le sang des autres (1944), Le deuxième sexe (1949), and Les mandarins (1954)

de Beau•voir

(də boʊvˈwɑr; Fr. də boʊˈvwar)

n. Si•mone (siˈmɔn) 1908–86, French writer.
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Body Shop founder Anita Roddick was named the most influential businesswoman, Simone de Beauvoir the most influential female public intellectual and Kate Adie the most influential female journalist in the poll.
SIGI was co-founded by Simone de Beauvoir and Robin Morgan to promote global solidarity for women.
It says something very original in today's literature on the Bible that names like Henri de Lubac (32) and John Henry Newman (186) pop up, as do less probable writers like Simone de Beauvoir (95) and G.
He befriended prestigious French authors, like Sartre and de Beauvoir.
BORN JIMMY Page, rock guitarist, 1944, above RICHARD Nixon, US President, 1913 SIMONE de Beauvoir, French author, 1908 DIED PETER Cook, English comedian, 1995, above KATHERINE Mansfield, New Zealand writer, 1923 SIR JOHN Harvey-Jones, businessman, 2008
Simone de Beauvoir described human beings as a paradoxical mixture of subject and object.
Much of the movie is devoted to the struggling writer's affinity for and working relationship with literary icon Simone de Beauvoir (Sandrine Kiberlain, whose severe appearance may bring to mind Margaret Hamilton).
I address both sides of the coin, the first via a brief account illustrating how Simone de Beauvoir, having seen deep structures of white, anti-black racism, as evidenced in her novel L'invitee, neglected to say what she had seen in her theory of the radical Other as presented in The Second Sex, thereby leaving her account of woman as being more radically Other than the slave untouched by her observations.
Fontaine was born Joan de Beauvoir de Havilland to British parents in Tokyo on October 22, 1917.
Grosholz' The Legacy of Simone de Beauvoir (2004) omits a study of the philosopher's impact on the arts.
This volume is the latest in The Beauvoir Series co-edited by Margaret Simons and Sylvie Le Bon de Beauvoir.
Anissa est consciente de l'importance et de la necessite du passage a l'action, car des la premiere page de son roman, le lecteur se trouve devant l'une des citations de l'existentialiste du siecle dernier, Simone de Beauvoir : [beaucoup moins que]Exister c'est oser, se jeter dans le monde.