de Lesseps

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de Les·seps

 (də lĕs′əps, lĕ-sĕps′), Vicomte Ferdinand Marie.
See Ferdinand Marie de Lesseps.

de Lesseps

(French də lɛsɛps)
(Biography) Vicomte Ferdinand Marie (fɛrdinɑ̃ mari). 1805–94, French diplomat: directed the construction of the Suez Canal (1859–69) and the unsuccessful first attempt to build the Panama Canal (1881–89)

de Les•seps

(dəˈlɛs ɛps)
Vicomte Ferdinand Marie, Lesseps, Ferdinand Marie, Vicomte de.
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De Lesseps had finished the Suez Canal and was examining Panama.
Located in northeast Egypt with a population of 524,433 people and total area of 845.445 sqm, Port Said was established during the tenure of Khedive Ismail in 1859, when Ferdinand de Lesseps started the drilling of the Suez Canal.
It had taken 10 years to make the 100-mile canal devised by Ferdinand de Lesseps.
The characters pass easily from bedroom to market place, from palace to the Globe, and the beloved characters of Marlowe (Edmund Kingsley, who does not take every chance offered to him), Lord Wessex, Shakespeare's Nemesis (Bill Wessex, who does even less with his chances) and Viola de Lesseps (Imogen Daines, who often seems to be unable to find the conflict and drama inherent in her role) come and go within the orbit of the Globe and we wait for the moment when the queen gets wind of our Will's doings and turns up to watch Romeo and Juliet (its final title fixed with a little help from the illfated Kit Marlowe).
Pierro Niel-Mee will star as Will Shakespeare with Imogen Daines as Viola, Rob Edwards as Fennyman, Geraldine Alexander as the Queen, Edmund Kingsley as Kit Marlowe, Bill Ward as Wessex, Ian Hughes as Henslowe, Giles Taylor as Tilney and De Lesseps, Edward Harrison as Burbage and Phillip Labey as Sam.
Summary: New York [U.S.A.], July 29 (ANI): Actress Luann de Lesseps is returning to her cabaret show after three weeks of treatment.
Luann de Lesseps is reportedly dating her still-married Hollywood agent Richard Super, nearly a year after divorcing Tom D'Agostino.
Then he meets Viola de Lesseps, the beautiful daughter of a wealthy merchant.
In November, Nicolas, a descendent of the late French diplomat and the developer of the Canal, Ferdinand de Lesseps, visited the Historical Gallery.
It had taken 10 years to make the 100-mile canal devised by Ferdinand de Lesseps. 1896: Oswald Mosley, English Fascist leader, was born.
Fresh from the successful opening of the Suez Canal in 1869, an historic joining of the Red and Mediterranean Seas, French diplomat and enterprising businessman Ferdinand de Lesseps turned his attention to the narrow strip of land in modern-day Panama which was forcing ships to navigate the long and treacherous route around Cape Horn, Chile, to get between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.