de novo

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de no·vo

 (dĭ nō′vō, dā)
adv. & adj.
Over again, anew.

[Latin dē novō.]

de novo

(diː ˈnəʊvəʊ)
from the beginning; anew

de no•vo

(də ˈnoʊ voʊ)

anew; from the beginning.
[< Latin]
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Latin - any dialect of the language of ancient Rome
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One luckless wight contrived to upset the gravy; and then gravy had to be got up de novo, with due care and formality, Aunt Chloe watching and stirring with dogged precision, answering shortly, to all suggestions of haste, that she "warn't a going to have raw gravy on the table, to help nobody's catchings.
But if I had not taken things for granted, if I had examined everything with care which I should have shown had we approached the case DE NOVO and had no cut-and-dried story to warp my mind, should I not then have found something more definite to go upon.
5) The nonsignificant effects of Boston de novo firms may be related to their small density (a maximum of one Boston de novo firm in our entry data).
De Novo Pharmaceuticals will utilize its extended pharmacophore, QUASI II(TM), technologies to identify site points on the protein, run docking models and virtual screens of small molecules against the proteins.
Peck and other lawyers in the Center for Constitutional Litigation noted that many state courts, such as Oregon's, already engage in de novo review of punitive damages awards with no discernible difference from an abuse-of-discretion review.
SBI), San Diego, has announced that De Novo Pharmaceuticals (Cambridge, UK) has entered into an agreement to access multiple therapeutic target classes within SBI's SBdBase, one of the databases within SBI's ProMax 3-dimensional protein structure database series.
De Novo Enzyme Corporation, Burnaby, BC, has completed a $2 million private placement.
banking industry continues to consolidate, these de novo banks are potentially important for preserving competition and providing credit in local markets.
Whether these isoprenoids are synthesized de novo by the parasite or taken from the [host] medium is not yet definitively proven," Jomaa notes.
The interviews were done with the owner of the de novo firm and general and/or financial manager or some other leading managers in "socially" owned and privatised enterprises.
The court rejected the position of several former employees that the issue of partial termination was a question of law and therefore subject to de novo review by the court.
Despues de la muerte de Novo en 1974, su sobrino, el reconocido museografo Antonio Lopez Mancera, se quedo con la residencia, que fue vendida hace unos tres anos, despues de su muerte.