dead air

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dead air

An unintended interruption in a broadcast during which there is no sound.

dead′ air′

the loss or suspension of the video or audio signal during a television or radio transmission.
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Noun1.dead air - an inadvertent interruption in a broadcast during which there is no sounddead air - an inadvertent interruption in a broadcast during which there is no sound
pause, suspension, intermission, interruption, break - a time interval during which there is a temporary cessation of something
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He clutched the black's neck tightly, and drew a long breath; but the dead air seemed to shrivel his lungs, and he dropped his head and dozed till the house was reached.
To the very death chamber of O-Mai the Cruel we came and yet we were ready to go farther; when suddenly there broke upon our horrified ears the moans and the shrieking that mark these haunted chambers and the hangings moved and rustled in the dead air.
Daylight saw the Arangi under way, her sails drooping heavily in the dead air while the boat's crew toiled at the oars of the whaleboat to tow her out through the narrow entrance.
So then we waited about the small fire, and the dead air in the room presently filled and pressed down upon us with the sensation(but words are useless here) as though some dumb and bound power were striving against gag and bond to deliver its soul of an articulate word.
As if the words are worth something, as if they don't fall to pieces in the dead air.
com)-- Dead Air signals trouble at the radio station.
It also ties in two other campaigns, Dead Air and Blood Harvest.
BPI Outdoors has updated its company logo to better reflect the product content of its various brands, which include Bergara, CVA, DuraSight, PowerBelt, Quake and Dead Air.
It isn't the most softy-shooting brake I've ever used, but then again, the ones that work better are closer in size to a soft drink can, than the compact brake Dead Air makes.
Suleiman Assad, a first cousin once removed of the president, is accused of shooting dead air force Colonel Hassan al-Sheikh in an apparent road rage incident on Thursday evening.
Both men need to be masters of filling dead air as well as responding to surprise announcements.
The protesters gathered in Decatur on Wednesday night two days after white police officer Robert Olsen shot dead Air Force veteran Anthony Hill in Atlanta, press tv reported.

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