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The slope eased off, at length we could be detached, and Croz and I, dashed away, ran a neck-and-neck race, which ended in a dead heat. At 1:40 P.M., the world was at our feet, and the Matterhorn was conquered!
The boys huddled them- selves together and sought the friendly companionship of the fire, though the dull dead heat of the breathless atmosphere was stifling.
Diomed would have now passed him, or there would have been a dead heat, but Phoebus Apollo to spite him made him drop his whip.
He had soon caught him up again, for Agamemnon's mare Aethe kept pulling stronger and stronger, so that if the course had been longer he would have passed him, and there would not even have been a dead heat. Idomeneus's brave squire Meriones was about a spear's cast behind Menelaus.
However, at the recent Tredegar Farmers Hunt Point-To-Point Steeplechases at Lower Machen, the judge Peter Thomas, a former point-to-point rider himself, declared the Tredegar Farmers Ladies Open Race a dead heat between the front-running PatrickTom Boru partnered by Jodie Hughes and the fast-finishing and oddly named Hospital ridden by Elen Nicholas.
Helene Miller Walsh and her opponent ended in a dead heat in Tuesday's midterm election.
THE judge couldn't split 5-1 favourite Son Of Rest and 28-1 outsider Baron Bolt as a dead heat was declared for the first time in Ayr Gold Cup history.
Coral - men's reserve race: 2-7 Isis (Oxford), 5-2 Goldie (Cambridge), 125 dead heat; women's race: 1-6 Oxford, 7-2 Cambridge, 125 dead heat; women's reserve race: 1-6 Osiris (Oxford), 7-2 Blondie (Cambridge), 125 dead heat.
Referee Stuart Wilson from Workington declared a dead heat, though the decision proved a talking point for fans of both teams for the rest of the night.
NATIONAL newspaper the Daily Mirror recently reported that at London's Wimbledon greyhound track three dogs - Murlens Houdini, Lightening Speed and Tinas Luke - racing in the third heat of the John White Christmas Cracker race crossed the line at the exact same time, causing a triple dead heat.
The dog racing triple dead heat saw the noses of Murlens Houdini, Lightning Speed and Tinas Luke all finish the race within one-hundredth of a second of each other.