dead soldier

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dead soldier


dead marine

informal an empty beer or spirit bottle

dead′ sol′dier

an empty wine or liquor bottle.
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Tribune News Network Doha The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), represented by the Department of Public Cleanliness, carried out a comprehensive campaign to clean the northwestern coast of the country resulting in the removal of 443 tonnes of miscellaneous waste and 13 dead marine animals.
the dead marine mammal was discovered by fisherman Miguelito Tunga in Sitio Anilawan, Barangay Babuyan, north of Puerto Princesa.
And so last year, when a dead marine mammal washed up on a Welsh beach, it quickly became the Beast of Port Talbot.
com/ncis-season-14-spoilers-what-happened-episode-3-team-solves-marine-sargents-tragic-2426623) dead marine Sargent who fell from a roof .
I fearfully sprinted ahead and ran faster when I saw a bloody dead Marine who was lying twisted on his side in the surf.
Please report any distressed or dead marine mammals and sea turtles in Sarasota or Manatee County to Mote's Stranding Investigations Program, a 24-hour response program, at 941-988-0212.
The Supreme Council for Environment runs a dead marine mammals and turtles monitoring program which aims at establishing a database of recorded dead sightings which is entered following the inspection of the dead mammal or turtle to identify the reason of death.
They also looked at records of seafloor sediments containing preserved shells of dead marine organisms; the shells contain higher or lower levels of a heavier isotope of oxygen, depending on the relative salinity of surface waters when the organisms were alive (less salty waters indicate more rainfall over the ocean).
The Ministry of Defence did not release any personal details about the dead marine.
He then further risked his life by checking the body of a dead Marine blown from the gun turret.
COSTLY Members of a US environmental service crew walk the shoreline in search of dead marine wildlife
The study, also conducted by the BCSR, revealed that a sharp increase in the number of dead marine turtles coincided with the beginning of the shrimping season, in mid-July.