dead soldier

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dead soldier


dead marine

informal an empty beer or spirit bottle

dead′ sol′dier

an empty wine or liquor bottle.
References in classic literature ?
Once the line encountered the body of a dead soldier.
The congregation made way respectfully for those sobbing girls clothed in deep black, and pitied the stern old father seated opposite the memorial of the dead soldier.
He inspected the insignia upon their uniforms and saw that they were not the same as that which he had taken from one of the dead soldiers at the bungalow and then he passed on ahead of them, unseen in the dense bush.
I cannot resist saying that few finer sights can have been seen in history than the last stand of this extraordinary regiment; wounded officers picking up the rifles of dead soldiers, and the general himself facing us on horseback bareheaded and with a broken sword.
He identified the dead soldier as Walid Gathian Al-Shibani, adding that the wounded soldiers were shifted to hospital.
The dead soldier was identified as Mohammad Hassan Attwa.
For the family of the dead soldier, it may bring a glimmer of comfort as they struggle to come to terms with their appalling loss.
He named the dead soldier as Hussein Bawah Ali Zabani and the wounded soldier, who was taken to hospital, as Saad Miteb Mohammed al-Shammari.
For as every bean counter knows, a dead soldier is a less expensive soldier: one-time payments to the immediate family, no pesky lingering obligations requiring valuable bureaucratic time and money.
He added: "We have confirmed information that the dead soldier was shot by Israeli bullets.
PRIME Minister Gordon Brown was confronted over the lack of equipment for British troops by the mother of a dead soldier when he called to offer his condolences.
Prime Minister Gordon Brown hailed the "courage" of the dead soldier, believed to be from 1st Battalion, The Parachute Regiment.