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1. Having no exit except for going back the way one came.
2. Permitting no opportunity for progress or advancement: a dead-end job.
3. Informal Tough and rowdy: a dead-end gang.
intr.v. dead-end·ed, dead-end·ing, dead-ends
To terminate with no exit: The road dead-ends at the lake.

dead′ end′

1. a street, corridor, etc., that has no exit.
2. a position with no hope of progress; blind alley.


1. terminating in a dead end.
2. offering no possibility for advancement: a dead-end job.
3. living in the slums: a dead-end kid.
4. to terminate in a dead end.


Past participle: dead-ended
Gerund: dead-ending

I dead-end
you dead-end
he/she/it dead-ends
we dead-end
you dead-end
they dead-end
I dead-ended
you dead-ended
he/she/it dead-ended
we dead-ended
you dead-ended
they dead-ended
Present Continuous
I am dead-ending
you are dead-ending
he/she/it is dead-ending
we are dead-ending
you are dead-ending
they are dead-ending
Present Perfect
I have dead-ended
you have dead-ended
he/she/it has dead-ended
we have dead-ended
you have dead-ended
they have dead-ended
Past Continuous
I was dead-ending
you were dead-ending
he/she/it was dead-ending
we were dead-ending
you were dead-ending
they were dead-ending
Past Perfect
I had dead-ended
you had dead-ended
he/she/it had dead-ended
we had dead-ended
you had dead-ended
they had dead-ended
I will dead-end
you will dead-end
he/she/it will dead-end
we will dead-end
you will dead-end
they will dead-end
Future Perfect
I will have dead-ended
you will have dead-ended
he/she/it will have dead-ended
we will have dead-ended
you will have dead-ended
they will have dead-ended
Future Continuous
I will be dead-ending
you will be dead-ending
he/she/it will be dead-ending
we will be dead-ending
you will be dead-ending
they will be dead-ending
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been dead-ending
you have been dead-ending
he/she/it has been dead-ending
we have been dead-ending
you have been dead-ending
they have been dead-ending
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been dead-ending
you will have been dead-ending
he/she/it will have been dead-ending
we will have been dead-ending
you will have been dead-ending
they will have been dead-ending
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been dead-ending
you had been dead-ending
he/she/it had been dead-ending
we had been dead-ending
you had been dead-ending
they had been dead-ending
I would dead-end
you would dead-end
he/she/it would dead-end
we would dead-end
you would dead-end
they would dead-end
Past Conditional
I would have dead-ended
you would have dead-ended
he/she/it would have dead-ended
we would have dead-ended
you would have dead-ended
they would have dead-ended
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Adj.1.dead-end - lacking opportunities for development or advancement; "stuck in a dead-end job"
inactive - (pathology) not progressing or increasing; or progressing slowly


[ˈdedˈend] ADJ [street] → sin salida; [job] → sin porvenir
dead-end kids (US) → chicos mpl de la calle
see also dead D


[dɛdˈɛnd] adj a dead-end jobun lavoro senza sbocchi


(ded) adjective
1. without life; not living. a dead body; Throw out those dead flowers.
2. not working and not giving any sign of being about to work. The phone/engine is dead.
3. absolute or complete. There was dead silence at his words; He came to a dead stop.
completely. dead drunk.
ˈdeaden verb
to lessen, weaken or make less sharp, strong etc. That will deaden the pain.
ˈdeadly adjective
1. causing death. a deadly poison.
2. very great. He is in deadly earnest (= He is completely serious).
3. very dull or uninteresting. What a deadly job this is.
extremely. deadly dull; deadly serious.
dead end
a road closed off at one end.
ˈdead-end adjective
leading nowhere. a dead-end job.
dead heat
a race, or a situation happening in a race, in which two or more competitors cross the finishing line together.
dead language
a language no longer spoken, eg Latin.
ˈdeadline noun
a time by which something must be done or finished. Monday is the deadline for handing in this essay.
ˈdeadlock noun
a situation in which no further progress towards an agreement is possible. Talks between the two sides ended in deadlock.

to set a deadline (not dateline) for finishing a job.
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Tenders are invited for assembly, dead-end, steel eye.
Exiting a dead-end relationship could save you from additional pain in the future.
SPRINGFIELD - A man in a stolen car allegedly led Springfield police on a wild chase Sunday afternoon that ended when he drove down a dead-end street and crashed into a tree, according to police.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Turkey's confrontation with Russia and Syria's Kurds has led it to pursue a dead-end foreign policy with only a few ways of extricating itself, according to a retired Turkish diplomat.
Danny is a hopeless romantic, an outgoing and gregarious lover of clubbing and a good time, but who finds himself adrift, going from dead-end job to dead-end job, until he meets the anti-social, enigmatic and brilliant Alex, who works in coding for MI6.
He said the conference was needed because "everyone is at a dead-end -- a military and political dead-end.
KARACHI -- As Taliban (TTP's) factions split into various independent factions, Hakimullah Mehsud seems to be gradually narrowing towards a virtual dead-end of Karachi's history.
North Korea should realize (missile and nuclear tests) bring upon itself deeper isolation and sanctions from the international community, and it is only drawing closer and closer to a dead-end," Lee said in a farewell address.
This research shows that when self-help leads to a dead-end, a solution that allows customers to get human help quickly is vitally important to the customer relationship.
More than one in 10 Welsh young people believed they would "end up in a dead-end job", while 12% felt they would be on benefits for at least part of their lives.
There were no warning signs to show if the route was one way or a dead-end.
Louis Post-Dispatch in 1996, her life has been a series of one dead-end job after another.