dead-end street

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Noun1.dead-end street - a street with only one way in or outdead-end street - a street with only one way in or out
thoroughfare - a public road from one place to another
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Six people were living in the building on a dead-end street.
Finally, the mad motorist literally vanished down a dead-end street in Kensington and was seen no more.
Tsvetanov emphasized that the removal of the Chief Directorate "Combating Organized Crime" (GDBOP) from the structure of the Interior Ministry and its transfer to the State Agency for National Security (DANS) had resulted in a large number of the human trafficking investigations to enter a dead-end street within a few months.
Henderson turned onto a dead-end street, crashed through a fence, and into the backyard of a home on the 900 block of Ascot Lane, police said.
It's like moving your business from a dead-end street to a busy highway.
The complex is located at the end of a dead-end street and parking is available in its own private lot.
At that night, Brown reportedly refused to stop his car and started to run away on foot after turning down a dead-end street.
It's thought two shots were fired at a house at the bottom of the dead-end street of about 20 homes.
They reportedly fled, crashing into several other cars in a high-speed escape which continued for about 10 kilometres (six miles) before the pair turned into a dead-end street.
Since the store was relocated to a basement on a non-arterial, dead-end street, I doubt I have visited ABC once a year.
Many older people tended the allotments as well as young and as a resident myself I always felt not only were they enjoying the outdoors promoting their well being, but they were keeping an eye out as we were on a dead-end street.
We residents live in a cul-de-sac with two schools, one a Welsh-medium school and one English, both within yards of each other (they share a boundary) and our dead-end street is only about 200 metres long.