dead-end street

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Noun1.dead-end street - a street with only one way in or outdead-end street - a street with only one way in or out
thoroughfare - a public road from one place to another
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The police checked footages from over 60 CCTV cameras and traced the location of the kidnapper to a dead-end street of Durga Park.
A member of the community council raised the issue of the road where the starbucks could be built being a dead-end street.
RENOWNED food critic Jay Rayner hailed one of Manchester's newest restaurants, which only seats 10 people on a dead-end street.
The suspect fled, leading to a chase that ended with the suspect driving into a dead-end street. At that point, he got out of his car and fired shots at the officer, forcing them to respond.
The new developer also eliminated three dead-end street segments previously proposed and is putting in curbs and gutters on all streets, which wasn't part of the old plans.
McHardy, of Paisley Road, Renfrew, was collared after he drove down a dead-end street and tried to flee on foot.
He was four times the drink-drive limit and was eventually arrested after driving into a dead-end street and trying, but failing, to flee on foot.
After driving to a dead-end street, Ivanov allegedly rammed patrol cars, refused police commands and ran from the stolen vehicle while armed with a semiautomatic handgun.
Second, 'going birit' is ultimately a dead-end street. Yes, it blows the socks off local audiences' feet, but music buffs abroad are less impressed by high notes and 'power' shrieks.
Therefore, these elites regard the national country as a dead-end street that needs to be left in the history for good, and regard those who support the nationcountry as conservative cavemen who don't know what is good for the country and its citizens, so the elite tries to take over power without going on elections for the greater good of all, criticizes Miko.
Chief executive of the Christian Medical Fellowship Dr Peter Saunders has said: "It is a tragedy that British scientists have wasted so much time, money and energy exploring the dead-end street of embryonic stem cell research".