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v. dead·ened, dead·en·ing, dead·ens
1. To render less intense, sensitive, or vigorous: a medication to deaden the pain; wall tiles that deaden the sound from the rehearsal studio.
2. To make soundproof.
3. To make less colorful or brilliant.
1. To become dead.
2. To lose vigor, brilliance, or liveliness.

dead′en·er n.
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Ibrahim, Ismaliza Ismail and KamarudinAb Malek, "Preparation of sound deadener material jmm rock dust and calcium carbonate, " 2006.
As a writer, I don't want to use language that has become ideological because that's a deadener for a writer of fiction.
Krstulic adds,"INX International is also excited about our AquaTech ION C Adhesive Deadener. Typically, this process is done using a solvent-based product, but now we have a green, water-based solution that effectively serves as a deadener on even the most aggressive labels."
But habit is great deadener. [He looks again at Estragon.] At me too someone is looking, of me too someone is saying, he is sleeping, he knows nothing, let him sleep on.
In Oranges are not the Only Fruit (91) and The Passion, (32) we read the same sentence; "[t]ime is a great deadener", as its presence destroys and erodes the possibility of having simultaneous events.
Some of the other onboard features that help provide a quiet driving experience are the vehicle's strong body structure, acoustically laminated windshield and front-door glass, liquid-applied sound deadener, sound-absorbing carpet and isolated engine cradle.