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1. Nautical A flat hardwood disk with a grooved perimeter, pierced by three holes through which the lanyards are passed, used to fasten the shrouds.
2. Slang An expert shooter: a deadeye with the rifle.
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1. (Nautical Terms) nautical either of a pair of disclike wooden blocks, supported by straps in grooves around them, between which a line is rove so as to draw them together to tighten a shroud. Compare bull's-eye9
2. (Shooting) chiefly informal US an expert marksman
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n., pl. -eyes.
1. either of a pair of disks of hardwood having holes through which a lanyard is rove: used to tighten shrouds and stays.
2. an expert marksman.
[1740–50; as nautical term, probably ellipsis from deadman's eye, Middle English dedmaneseye deadeye]
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Noun1.deadeye - a dead shot
crack shot, marksman, sharpshooter - someone skilled in shooting
2.deadeye - (nautical) a round hardwood disk with holes and a grooved perimeter used to tighten a shroud
sailing, seafaring, navigation - the work of a sailor
disk, disc - a flat circular plate
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Below, Lee Goom and Toyama were lowering skylight covers and screwing up deadeyes. Duncan pulled shut the cover of the companion scuttle, and held on, waiting, the first drops of rain pelting his face, while the Samoset leaped violently ahead, at the same time heeling first to starboard then to port as the gusty pressures caught her winged-out sails.
She worked and worked at that crossbow--like I said, she's a fighter--and by the time she turned 10, she was a deadeye at 30 yards.
It was Gary David who got Bataan off to a hot start when he knocked down his first four shots-the first two for threes and the last two deadeye long two-point bombs-for a 16-6 lead.
Matt McCoy, Jacobs: This deadeye shooter was a big reason the Golden Eagles knocked off Fox Valley Conference leader Crystal Lake Central.
Charlie Paxton goes over for Rugby Lions against Lutterworth and, right, Newbold's Dan O'Brien was in deadeye form kicking from out of hand and from the tee against Malvern
In a skill drill at a previous juniors, Sanchez showed exceptional aim, the only deadeye junior hit a handball can in the right front corner from 25 feet.
The latter seems to have rediscovered the deadeye putting that deserted him for most of the season.
Both are deadeye shooters and capable defenders but one thing that has separated the two San Miguel Beermen are international tours of duty with the Philippine national men's basketball team.
Killer's Law: Sheriff Kyle of Deadeye, Nevada is headed east to the nation's capital where corruption, intrigue and murder are all in a day's work.
A small, incomplete deadeye, 3.2 cm thick and roved to seat a surrounding rope, may belong to the standing rigging and especially the shrouds (Figure 13.1), although a similar example from the San Juan (Figure 14) has been linked to the running rigging (Bradley, 2007: 8).
DEADEYE Darren Murray enjoyed a dream debut as league leaders Crusaders eased three points clear of Coleraine at the top of the Premiership.
Once you've solved the puzzle, you'll be granted access to Deadeye Dewdrops.