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1. A trap for large animals in which a heavy weight is arranged to fall on and kill or disable the prey.
2. A mass of fallen timber and tangled brush.


(Hunting) a type of trap, used esp for catching large animals, in which a heavy weight falls to crush the prey. Also called: downfall



1. a trap, esp. for large game, in which a weight falls on and crushes the prey.
2. a mass of brush and fallen trees.
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There are some deadfall drop traps that are so blindingly obvious that being caught by one is an act of willful negligence.
If it's daylight outside (and I'm not stuck in my home office) I'm likely on the tractor, in the E-Z-Go, lugging a chain saw, taking care of deadfall, pushing dirt or rocks here or there, mowing acres of pasture, fixing fences, taking care of the vegetable garden, chickens when we have 'em, welding broken implements and other such things.
While the grouse made the far bank, Roxy plummeted about 30 feet down to land in a deadfall frozen into the ice of the river below.
If possible, build a makeshift rack from deadfall to increase the cooling effects of the wind.
On a more hopeful note, a new company in Ohio has developed and patented an active trap that incorporates deadfall drops with glue traps and an active solution that works at drawing bed bugs for 30 days.
A raspy bugle beckoned 50 yards off the trail, and through thick deadfall I stalked the sound of the aspen saplings the bull was thrashing with his antlers.
I was once following Paul during whitetail season when he paused silently by a deadfall of twisted roots.
Trash, underbrush, deadfall and sedimentation have impeded the conveyance of stormwater flows.
15PM Casualty A standalone episode called Deadfall with guest star Gary Lucy, left, as a man with bad facial injuries who won't say how he got them.
These trees, along with deadfall on the forest floor, are going into our hugelkulltur swales, which start with the fallen logs, then we add mulch from our own garden trimmings and branches we pick up off the forest floor and chip, then compost from our chickens, and create planting beds that slow the runoff of rainwater and remain moist for longer periods of time.
VERDICT: DEADFALL (15) ADDISON (Eric Bana) and his sister Liza (Olivia Wilde) pull off a casino heist but their getaway car crashes in snowy conditions.
Set largely during a blizzard, Deadfall is a disjointed crime thriller that sends a chill of disappointment down the spine.