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1. A person who uses a free ticket for admittance, accommodation, or entertainment.
2. A vehicle, such as an aircraft, that transports no passengers or freight during a trip.
3. Informal A person regarded as dull-witted or sluggish.
4. A log or trunk that is partially submerged or lying just beneath the surface.
v. dead·head·ed, dead·head·ing, dead·heads
1. To pilot or drive (a vehicle) carrying no passengers or freight.
2. To remove dead or withered flowers from (a plant), especially to promote new blooms or prevent the setting of seeds.
a. To travel as an employee of an airline or other public carrier for free, especially en route to or from one's assigned duties.
b. To make a trip without passengers or freight.
c. To pilot or drive a vehicle on such a trip: "The instruments were out, and it meant they had to deadhead back on another airplane" (Walter J. Boyne).
2. To bypass a senior employee in order to promote a more junior employee.
Without passengers or freight; empty.


1. a dull unenterprising person
2. a person who uses a free ticket, as for a train, the theatre, etc
3. (Railways) US and Canadian a train, etc, travelling empty
4. US and Canadian a totally or partially submerged log floating in a lake, etc
5. (Horticulture) (tr) to cut off withered flowers from (a plant)
6. (intr) US and Canadian to drive an empty bus, train, etc



1. a person using a complimentary ticket or free pass.
2. a commercial vehicle that operates empty, as when returning to a terminal.
3. a stupid or boring person; dullard.
4. a sunken or partially sunken log.
5. to transport (someone) as a deadhead.
6. to remove faded blooms from (ornamental plants), esp. to encourage further blooming.
7. to act or serve as a deadhead.
a. (of a commercial vehicle) to travel without cargo or paying passengers.
b. (of a person) to drive such a vehicle.


Past participle: deadheaded
Gerund: deadheading

I deadhead
you deadhead
he/she/it deadheads
we deadhead
you deadhead
they deadhead
I deadheaded
you deadheaded
he/she/it deadheaded
we deadheaded
you deadheaded
they deadheaded
Present Continuous
I am deadheading
you are deadheading
he/she/it is deadheading
we are deadheading
you are deadheading
they are deadheading
Present Perfect
I have deadheaded
you have deadheaded
he/she/it has deadheaded
we have deadheaded
you have deadheaded
they have deadheaded
Past Continuous
I was deadheading
you were deadheading
he/she/it was deadheading
we were deadheading
you were deadheading
they were deadheading
Past Perfect
I had deadheaded
you had deadheaded
he/she/it had deadheaded
we had deadheaded
you had deadheaded
they had deadheaded
I will deadhead
you will deadhead
he/she/it will deadhead
we will deadhead
you will deadhead
they will deadhead
Future Perfect
I will have deadheaded
you will have deadheaded
he/she/it will have deadheaded
we will have deadheaded
you will have deadheaded
they will have deadheaded
Future Continuous
I will be deadheading
you will be deadheading
he/she/it will be deadheading
we will be deadheading
you will be deadheading
they will be deadheading
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been deadheading
you have been deadheading
he/she/it has been deadheading
we have been deadheading
you have been deadheading
they have been deadheading
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been deadheading
you will have been deadheading
he/she/it will have been deadheading
we will have been deadheading
you will have been deadheading
they will have been deadheading
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been deadheading
you had been deadheading
he/she/it had been deadheading
we had been deadheading
you had been deadheading
they had been deadheading
I would deadhead
you would deadhead
he/she/it would deadhead
we would deadhead
you would deadhead
they would deadhead
Past Conditional
I would have deadheaded
you would have deadheaded
he/she/it would have deadheaded
we would have deadheaded
you would have deadheaded
they would have deadheaded
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.deadhead - a nonenterprising person who is not paying his way; "the deadheads on the payroll should be eased out as fast as possible"
nonworker - a person who does nothing
2.deadhead - a train or bus or taxi traveling empty
public transport - conveyance for passengers or mail or freight
References in classic literature ?
Why, they are the deadheads, the drones in the great hive, the street crowds that lounge about, gaping at those who are working.
There were deadheads in abundance, mostly officials and politicians.
Due to the perception that one must use technical musical language to discuss music, much of this fine work has centered on sociological, philosophical, economic, religious, historical, and communicative aspects of the Grateful Dead and their fervent fan base, the Deadheads.
In The Boys of Summer, Don Henley is depressed to see a countercultural symbol of his youth - Deadheads were fans of rock band The Grateful Dead - attached to something as respectable as a Cadillac.
Written by marketing gurus and lifelong Deadheads David Meerman Scott and Brian Halligan, Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead gives you key innovations from the Dead's approach that you can apply to your business.
But with roses, it is better to remove the deadheads from the area lest they encourage insects or diseases.
For years, Ripple Junction has provided retailers with T-shirts that hit a cultural nerve--appealing to everyone from Deadheads to comic collectors to Full House fanatics.
I still have lots of Deadheads, and the Bushmaster bow Ben gave me, nicely inscribed from one good friend to another.
As he explains, the women asked for help during a music festival attended by Crosby's fellow Deadheads.
If there was ever a group that would be open to libertarian thought, I figured it would be Deadheads and other jam band fans.
Q: Why do Deadheads swirl their arms when they dance?
Las Vegas, Nevada, where all the deadheads are in town.