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n. pl. dead·men
1. A rigid plate, beam, or similar object embedded crosswise in a mass of soil or other material to act as an anchor, as for a retaining wall.
2. A prop used as a temporary support for a board or other object.

[dead + man (probably because a deadman is a heavy object that is buried).]
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n, pl -men
1. (Civil Engineering) civil engineering a heavy plate, wall, or block buried in the ground that acts as an anchor for a retaining wall, sheet pile, etc, by a tie connecting the two
2. (Mountaineering) mountaineering a metal plate with a wire loop attached for thrusting into firm snow to serve as a belay point, a smaller version being known as a deadboy
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A more desolate and dreary spot than Deadman's Gulch in a winter midnight it is impossible to imagine.
Nothing else of interest was noted, excepting a suit of moldy and incongruous clothing, several articles of which were afterward identified by respectable witnesses as those in which certain deceased citizens of Deadman's had been buried years before.
[1] Probably Deadman's Point, a small island near Deadman's Bay, off the eastern coast of Newfoundland.
They face a custodial sentence if the girls continue to skip school, which could mean the loss of Mr Deadman's job.
Added safety features to the door include self-monitoring anti-closing sensors on the door edges, and immediate switching from automatic operation to a 'deadman' function should the safety edges be damaged in any way.
Warren Deadman, 31, was killed in Le Meige Parc des Ecrins in the French Alps on Saturday.
This paper uses a time-series econometric model, previously published by Pyle and Deadman (1994), in order to forecast levels of recorded property for the years 1992-96 inclusive.
The biggest mistake beginners make is to rush things; they fail to carefully level the first course, they leave out deadman braces or don't install enough spikes.
In a recent interview, the Undertaker popularly, known as "The Deadman," spoke about his relationship with WWE CEO Vince McMahon and why he left WCW for WWE.
U's boss Michael Appleton felt that referee Darren Deadman should have red-carded Parrett.
Lee was then tripped by Woodgate in the area and after a few moments of consideration, referee Darren Deadman pointed to the spot.