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v. deaf·ened, deaf·en·ing, deaf·ens
1. To make deaf, especially momentarily by a loud noise.
2. To make soundproof.
To cause permanent or momentary deafness.
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Adj.1.deafened - caused to hear poorly or not at all
deaf - lacking or deprived of the sense of hearing wholly or in part
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You gasp, you splutter, you are blinded and deafened, you are submerged, obliterated, dissolved, annihilated, streaming all over as if your limbs, too, had turned to water.
But that night the strangeness of things about me, and my physical wretchedness, prevented me, for I was bruised, weary, wet to the skin, deafened and blinded by the storm.
Planchet opened the window as desired, and the gust of tumult which filled the chamber with cries, wheels, barkings, and steps deafened D'Artagnan himself, as he had wished.
I came to myself in darkness, in great pain, bound hand and foot, and deafened by many unfamiliar noises.
When I returned again to life, the same uproar, the same confused and violent movements, shook and deafened me; and presently, to my other pains and distresses, there was added the sickness of an unused landsman on the sea.
This would not have mattered a jot--the horrible old woman might have shouted as much as she pleased--had it not been that, in the first place, there was the disgrace of it, and, in the second place, she had somehow learned of our connection, and kept proclaiming it to the household until I felt perfectly deafened, and had to stop my ears.
You can bet your bottom dollar that had this crisis erupted in or around the Thames estuary, we would have been deafened by soundbites from Coalition chancers falling over themselves to have their say.
THE National Association of Deafened People (NADP ) is having its Annual Conference at the Adelphi Hotel this year on June 26.
HERO Daniel O'Brien has been forced to leave the Army after being deafened while saving his colleagues in Afghanistan.
A writer is blindfolded and then deafened for a day in order to examine and heighten responses to the need for light, and to the acoustic environment.
Think of their crying, may it haunt your dreams, let you hear their deafened screams.
Deafened by past relationships, when love finally calls, she resists answering.