death bell

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Noun1.death bell - a bell rung to announce a death
bell - a hollow device made of metal that makes a ringing sound when struck
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The BJD said that the Centre's proposal of splitting and transferring a major part of the Waltair Railway Division (Vishakapatnam) to this new Railway Zone has "sounded a death bell to the railways in Odisha under East Coast Railway".
Making a turn from right to left or left to right is tantamount to invite death bell that it can ring any time.
The group's leader Kim Boa acted as both singer and vocal trainer to her teammates; Yang Ji-won was actively involved in acting and modeling, starring in the film 'Death Bell' and in various music videos.
Who knew that on that Wednesday, as the death bell tolled, black birds of change that would affect us all were taking flight.
The death bell is indeed tolling for the "religious state."
"I have been in the pharmacy business all my professional life, since college, and every two or three years the death bell starts ringing that independent pharmacy is dying," he notes.