death chair

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Noun1.death chair - an instrument of execution by electrocutiondeath chair - an instrument of execution by electrocution; resembles an ordinary seat for one person; "the murderer was sentenced to die in the chair"
instrument of execution - an instrument designed and used to take the life of a condemned person
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Imagine the criminal on his last day on earth, strapped on a gurney or on his death chair. Imagine him at that exact moment he gets the intravenous injection that would paralyze his muscles and stop his heart.
This is precisely the question being asked by 'Everyday Impunity,' the exhibition space which turned out to be the surprise hit of Art Fair Philippines 2018 earlier last month, with lines of people forming to see the 'death chair.'
When the elder dies, he is seated on a "death chair" and positioned in front of all members of the community as they mourn with rituals like the sounding of the gongs, butchering of animals, and chants by old people.