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1. A vigil kept beside a dying or dead person.
2. One who guards a condemned person before execution.
3. A deathwatch beetle.
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1. a vigil held beside a dying or dead person
2. (Animals) deathwatch beetle a beetle, Xestobium rufovillosum, whose woodboring larvae are a serious pest. The adult produces a rapid tapping sound with its head that was once popularly supposed to presage death. See also anobiid
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(ˈdɛθˌwɒtʃ, -ˌwɔtʃ)

1. a vigil beside a dying or dead person.
2. a guard set over a person before execution.
3. Also called death′watch bee`tle. any of several beetles of the family Anobiidae that make a ticking sound as they bore through wood: the sound was once believed to be an omen of death.
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Noun1.deathwatch - minute wingless psocopterous insects injurious to books and papersdeathwatch - minute wingless psocopterous insects injurious to books and papers
psocopterous insect - small soft-bodied insect with chewing mouthparts and either no wings or two pairs
genus Liposcelis, Liposcelis - a genus of Psocidae
common booklouse, Trogium pulsatorium - a variety of booklouse
2.deathwatch - bores through wood making a ticking sound popularly thought to presage deathdeathwatch - bores through wood making a ticking sound popularly thought to presage death
beetle - insect having biting mouthparts and front wings modified to form horny covers overlying the membranous rear wings
Anobiidae, family Anobiidae - deathwatch beetles
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Mike wrote down the sightings of the Reaper in an exercise book he titled "Deathwatch" - and then one night, Mike got the shock of his life, because the figure appeared in his flat.
His deathwatch theme continues with dire knockings about the need for vehicle insurance green cards.
Michael Mann's The Keep and Brit flick Deathwatch went over fairly similar ground, but Billy Ray and Mark L.
"This year, normal complaints didn't work, so I told the rep I couldn't sleep because of the noise of deathwatch beetles in the wooden bedframe.
DeathWatch collated advance reports of the closing of various enterprises, and reading it now induces twinges of nostalgia for such outfits as Bellwether, Roebling Hall, and Rivington Arms, as well as for much-missed individuals such as the late, great Daniel Reich.
He has a new book of prose called Deathwatch coming out
In that case, there have been around 1,500 on-course "accidents" since 2007 when Animal Aid launched Race Horse Deathwatch.
08 SAT FUDGE MUSIC AWARDS THE MOORINGS The annual Fudge Music Awards take place at the Moorings with performances by Akord, Deathwatch and Seas Starry.
Bob Jackson 12th century church invaded by deathwatch beetles Such a cute little bug, we must protect it like we do badgers.
The first Silent Hill had a screenplay by Roger Avary (story writer of Pulp Fiction) and now it's written and directed by Michael J Bassett (Solomon Kane / Deathwatch).
Restoration Home (BBC2, 8pm) A 16th century Norfolk home is beset with damp, earthworm and deathwatch beetle, and features more architectural styles than you can shake a stick at.
The property had been attacked by a [wood-boring] deathwatch beetle and the whole of the main house had to be stripped out.