de·bark 1

v. de·barked, de·bark·ing, de·barks
To unload, as from a ship or airplane.
To disembark.

[French débarquer : dé-, from (from Old French de-; see de-) + barque, ship (from Old French; see bark3).]

de′bar·ka′tion (dē′bär-kā′shən) n.

de·bark 2

tr.v. de·barked, de·bark·ing, de·barks
To surgically alter the vocal cords of (a dog) so as to reduce its ability to bark.

[de- + bark.]

de·bark 3

tr.v. de·barked, de·bark·ing, de·barks
To remove bark from.

[de- + bark.]

de′bark′er n.


(Forestry) a machine that strips bark from logs
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Once the cranes had worked separately to remove the old debarker, they joined forces to lift into place the mill's new barking drum, which weighed 84 tonnes, had a length of 25m, and a diameter of 3.7m.
Task 1, Debarker: The first step is to remove the bark from the log.
In 1981, Price developed and built the Price Drum Debarker that eventually became the industry standard and changed the company focus from lumber to equipment fabrication and contract wood chipping.
It uses 70% round wood that is debarked in a dry debarker and then chipped, and 30% sawmill chips.
Specific items were a fully automatic high bay warehouse, introduction of a high consistency hydrogen peroxide bleaching process, installation of the world's first shoe press for woodfree coated paper, a drum debarker, renewal of the S[O.sub.2] scrubber in the power plant, and installation of a new headbox.
An edger, a chipping saw, a chipper, a double-end trimmer, and a debarker make up the remainder of the machine centers.
General Manager Kent Duysen leads me past a conveyor of rattling chains and rollers, where big logs groan and crash as they run through the whirling scrapers of the debarker, then head toward the first, and biggest, saw in the mill: an oily, sawdust-covered monster called the head rig.
Its setup is typical for midsized hardwood sawmills in the region, with a 640 MoreBark debarker and a 40-inch Helle headsaw for opening logs.
The pole peeling equipment, which is similar to a debarker, was bought from the U.S., and represents a public and private investment of $2.5 million, said Roma-niuk.
In 1981, Dice developed and built a rotating drum tree debarker that eventually changed the focus of J.P.