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tr.v. de·based, de·bas·ing, de·bas·es
To lower in character, quality, or value; degrade.

[de- + base.]

de·base′ment n.
de·bas′er n.
Synonyms: debase, degrade, abase, demean2
These verbs mean to lower in character or quality. Debase implies reduction in quality or value: "debasing the moral currency" (George Eliot).
Degrade implies reduction to a state of shame or disgrace: "If I pitied you for crying ... you should spurn such pity.... Rise, and don't degrade yourself into an abject reptile!" (Emily Brontë).
Abase refers principally to loss of rank or prestige: "Meg pardoned him, and Mrs. March's grave face relaxed ... when she heard him declare that he would ... abase himself like a worm before the injured damsel" (Louisa May Alcott).
Demean suggests lowering in social position: "It puts him where he can make the advances without demeaning himself" (William Dean Howells). See Also Synonyms at corrupt.
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Adj.1.debasing - used of conduct; characterized by dishonor
dishonorable, dishonourable - lacking honor or integrity; deserving dishonor; "dishonorable in thought and deed"
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I am no storyteller, and love as it is cannot be portrayed in a literature dominated and enthralled by the debasing tyranny which "sentences letters" in the name of the Young Girl.
He was just proud enough to demand the most debasing homage of the slave, and quite servile enough to crouch, himself, at the feet of the master.
the scientific conscience had got into the debasing company of money obligation and selfish respects.
The perfect stillness around him had something solemn in it, but he felt it was the lying solemnity of a temple devoted to the rites of a debasing persuasion.
For a moment my soul was elevated from its debasing and miserable fears to contemplate the divine ideas of liberty and self sacrifice of which these sights were the monuments and the remembrancers.
It can be earthy but it is never profane or debasing.
The Basing Relation and the Impossibility of the Debasing Demon, PATRICK BONDY and J.
The post ( Debasing 'Anti-semitism' the Zionist Way appeared first on ( Palestine Chronicle.
In order to fill a gap in the budget, which is never not a problem, especially in a sprawling empire, certain smart and clever men propose that it would be helpful in many difficult situations if something were to be pulled out of the weight of the coinage or from its quality, by debasing the metal while still retaining its original value.
When the first Miss Elgin pageant debuted in 1925 its groundbreaking bathing suit competition was labeled "demoralizing" and "debasing" by some.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan on Thursday has alleged Defence Minister Khawaja Asif of debasing the sanctity of vote.
Asri said any Muslim who likens him or herself to God 'was indirectly debasing Him and denying His creation', adding that the act could be dangerous to the person's faith.