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1. Being such that formal argument or discussion is possible.
2. Open to dispute; questionable.
3. In dispute, as land or territory claimed by more than one country.

de·bat′a·bly adv.


in a debatable or disputable manner
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Referee John Beaton debatably decided contact from Michael Doyle on Dembele as he burst forward was inside the box and the striker despatched the award.
During an interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo on Tuesday, Scaramucci quite bizarrely used American music band "Maroon 5" to defend POTUS's knowledge of the National Anthem after he debatably forgot the words.
When Trump's opponents react to so much of what he says and does with such unfettered outrage, that howl becomes background noise, and it is harder to make sure that his unequivocally foul manoeuvres stand out from his debatably foolish ones.
At approximately two and a half hours, "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" is the longest movie in the series, and debatably, the most satisfying.
What is debatably good forAmerica is not necessarily good for Pakistan.
Easily one of the biggest names in golf in the past decade, due to his Ryder Cup heroics and debatably fashionable outfits on the fairways, Poulter has seen his game fall away in recent times.
His solution drew on traditional symbolism for each of the Persons, but employing these in a composition to represent the Trinity was unusual, and arguably, does not do justice to the togetherness of the three identities--the triangle is a nod to the unity, but is in itself a debatably inadequate symbol for interrelationship.
Putting aside the questions of terra nullius, this line ploughs right through any claim The Man from Snowy River has to progressively including a kind of feminism (a word that the film, debatably anachronistically, uses earlier to describe Jessica and her aunt's assertion of their own value).
It is the biggest fight in the division, and debatably the biggest domestic fight between two UK boxers.
Debatably, most of the serials in Malayalam try to uphold the ideas of Hindu nationalism which are based upon the Hindutva ideology which have provided women with the means of political assertion while at the same time withholding them from achieving total freedom.
Chillemi (2015) devotes his essay to a discussion of the 'oscillatory' nature characterising the narratorial status of Elisa, who delivers a narrative that may be debatably either 'pure fiction, autobiographical fiction, or a hybrid of a fantasy narrative and a realistic novel' (Chillemi, 2015: 41, 39).