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v. de·bauched, de·bauch·ing, de·bauch·es
a. To corrupt morally. See Synonyms at corrupt.
b. To seduce (someone).
2. To reduce the value, quality, or excellence of; debase: debauch a currency.
3. Archaic To cause to forsake allegiance.
To indulge in dissipation.
1. The act or a period of debauchery.
2. An orgy.

[French débaucher, from Old French desbauchier, to lead astray, roughhew timber : des-, de- + bauch, beam, of Germanic origin.]

de·bauch′ed·ly (-bô′chĭd-lē) adv.
de·bauch′er n.
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Noun1.debaucher - someone who assaults others sexuallydebaucher - someone who assaults others sexually
debauchee, libertine, rounder - a dissolute person; usually a man who is morally unrestrained
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A man who seduces women:
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[dɪˈbɔːtʃəʳ] N [of person, taste, morals] → corruptor m; [of woman] → seductor m
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Or as it was in the USSR during the time of antisemitism unleashed by Stalin after WWII ('Cosmopolitanism,' the Doctors' affair, etc.): suddenly all negative activities disclosed in the press (someone exposed as a bribe-taker, a thief of public money, a drunken debaucher, or a deadbeat dad) seemed to have been perpetrated exclusively by persons with unmistakably Jewish surnames.
L'histoire Google avec le cloud a connu un debut de developpement en 2015, lorsque le geant de la recherche sur internet est parvenu a debaucher un grand nom de l'informatique dematerialisee de la Silicone Valley, Diane Greene qui s'etait comme premiere mission de tout faire pour satisfaire les clients, et [beaucoup moins que] a ainsi simplifie les processus, multiplie les recrutements de commerciaux d'experience et pousser les ingenieurs de Google a rencontrer les entreprises clientes [beaucoup plus grand que], lit-on dans un papier mis en ligne le 19 mars 2017 par le site du journal suisse .
( READ: Dorothy Wang and Chad Johnson promise a lot of ( debaucher ( in "Famously Single" Season 2
Bogdanor said: "He would not have had time for debaucher y."
debaucher la conception initiale du rituel dudit Click-Wrap.
He said the unmatched protest in shape of Azadari is not against any country, Maslak, tribe or government rather is the best protest of the oppressed against every oppressor, liar, debaucher, colonial power by following which the arrogance of Pharaoh and Nimrah of every era could be checked and righteousness could emerge supreme.
Les Eemiratis sont prets a offrir les 10 millions d'euros de sa valeur estimee pour le debaucher du club anglais relegue en Championship.
Faire de la politique, ce n'est pas seulement supputer les forces de ses adversaires, circonvenir leurs amis, les debaucher, les demoraliser, les acheter : la mise en oeuvre de ces petits moyens est souvent indispensable, mais elle ne suscite guere, chez ceux qui en sont les temoins--ou les victimes--, que degout ou mepris.
Jason Camlot's books include Language Acts: Anglo-Quebec Poetry, 1976 to the 21st Century (co-edited with Todd Swift; Vehicule, 2007) and The Debaucher [poems] (Insomniac, 2008).