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also deb·o·naire  (dĕb′ə-nâr′)
1. Sophisticated; urbane.
2. Gracious and charming in a cheerful, carefree way.

[Middle English debonaire, gracious, kindly, from Old French, from de bon aire, of good lineage or disposition : de, of (from Latin ; see de-) + bon, bonne, good (from Latin bonus; see deu- in Indo-European roots) + aire, nest, family; see aerie.]

deb′o·nair′ly adv.
deb′o·nair′ness n.
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Clean and tidy appearance and debonairness of workers, positive reaction of customers, and good treatment to customers by workers can be given as example for politeness (Subasi, 2010).
To stud at 5 and dam of: Debonairness (1989 f by State Dinner; slow maiden), Affirm The Gold (1990 f by Golden Act; modest maiden), Caress (1991 f by Storm Cat; won triple Gr3 winner on grass), Country Cat (1992 f by Storm Cat; Gr3 winner on dirt , Gr1-placed on grass), Unify (1993 f by Farma Way; winner, Gr3-placed on grass), Emmaus (1994 f by Silver Deputy; unraced), Layounne (1995 f by Mt Livermore; placed on grass), Firmness (1996 f by Devil's Bag; placed), Bernstein (1997 c by Storm Cat; Gr3 winner).