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tr.v. de·bunked, de·bunk·ing, de·bunks
To expose or ridicule the falseness, sham, or exaggerated claims of: debunk a supposed miracle drug.

de·bunk′er n.
Word History: You can readily see that debunk is constructed from the prefix de-, meaning "to remove," and the word bunk. But what is the origin of the word bunk, denoting the nonsense that is to be removed? Bunk came from a place where much bunk has originated, the United States Congress. During the 16th Congress (1819-1821), Felix Walker, representative from the district in North Carolina including Buncombe County, delivered a particularly pointless speech intended merely to convince his constituency that he was making a difference in Washington. His harried colleagues asked him to desist, but he nattered on despite their protests—he was speaking not to Congress, he explained, but "to Buncombe." Buncombe, respelled bunkum and later shortened to bunk, thus became synonymous with claptrap. The answer to all this bunk came in 1923 when William E. Woodward, a writer with a reputation for giving the blunt facts about respected US institutions, coined the term debunk in a best-selling novel called Bunk.
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Noun1.debunking - the exposure of falseness or pretensions; "the debunking of religion has been too successful"
exposure - presentation to view in an open or public manner; "the exposure of his anger was shocking"
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Summary: When people are encouraged to think extensively about the false information when they encounter it, the information is more resistant to debunking later, and its effect on future beliefs persists
The more detailed the debunking message, the higher the debunking effect.
However, the rumor debunking website said that the magazine's report was bogus and the children did not throw any such party for their father.
Chapter 5, oCultural Ramifications and Reflections,o supports debunking while pointing out that it can escalate the false aspects of a conspiracy argument.
Chapter 19 returns to paranormal pseudoscience and gives it some more excellent debunking.
Debunking Glenn Beck: How to Save America from Media Pundits and Propagandists is not just a hard counter to pro-corporate political pundit Glenn Beckand his so-called "conservative libertarianism" - rather, Debunking Glenn Beck considers Beck to be only a symptom of the problem, no matter how thoroughly his arguments are deconstructed or countered.
The HCG True Diet has devoted a new section of its website to debunking certain hcg diet dangers and myths.
Christopher Howard, The Welfare State Nobody Knows: Debunking Myths About U.
Economics for the Rest of Us: Debunking the Science That Makes Life Dismal explains how the global economic crisis has come to pass, debunking two core tenants of economics that make it the 'science of the rich' and cause economics to be used to justify cruel and illegal policies.
Debunking the Hyperinflation of Peter Schiff and the Gold Bugs
It's a familiar story of grateful patients who think Gary is a miracle worker - despite all medical evidence to the contrary - and angry sceptics who like nothing better than debunking Gary on the internet.
Debunking 9/11 debunking; an answer to Popular mechanics and other defenders of the official conspiracy theory.