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 (dĕk′ād′, dĕ-kād′)
1. A period of ten years.
2. A group or series of ten.

[Middle English, a group of ten, from Old French, from Late Latin decas, decad-, from Greek dekas, from deka, ten; see dekm̥ in Indo-European roots.]

dec′a·dal (dĕk′ə-dəl) adj.
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A new analysis of sea surface temperature (SST) observations indicates notable uncertainty in observed decadal climate variability in the second half of the twentieth century, particularly during the decades following World War II.
"We cannot accept termination of WFIRST, which was the highest-priority space-astronomy mission in the most recent decadal survey.
"After nine years of downturn, the unfavourable economics of this sector is now self-correcting as sub-par profitability, liquidity crunch, and rising regulatory cost have shrunk order books to a decadal low of 13percent and increased scrapping to 8-year high.
Marder cites a nearly decadal cycle of controversy-extinguishing and rekindling-because of HeideggerAEs involvement with Nazism, and the blatantly anti-Semitic statements strewn throughout his personal-intellectual diaries.
The new supercomputer, paired with the scale-out Lustre storage solution, will provide high-performance capabilities for IBS to expand research in climate physics and work toward its goal of improving decadal earth system forecasts and long-term future climate projections.
"Dear Arun Jaitley, Congress governments (2004-2104) delivered the highest decadal growth of 8.13 per cent at factor-cost since Independence.
The National Academies' 2010 decadal survey placed a top priority on the development of WFIRST to study dark energy and exoplanets.
Values of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) and the El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) were compared to recorded precipitation at two Texas locations, Amarillo in northwest Texas and San Antonio in south central Texas, for the period 1900-2013.
The mean sea level and polar ice changes cause common variations of the principal moments of inertia and Earth rotation with decadal, centennial and millennial periods.
Decadal fluctuations in the precipitation in UIB during 1980-2010, using interpolation technique in Arc Map were explored in present study.
Das principais configuracoes de teleconexoes que afetam a variabilidade climatica global e, em particular da America do Sul, estao os fenomenos El Nino Oscilacao Sul--ENOS e a Oscilacao Decadal do Pacifico--ODP (CAVALCANTI e AMBRIZZI, 2009; GRIMM, 2009a).