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intr.v. de·camped, de·camp·ing, de·camps
1. To depart secretly or suddenly.
2. To depart from a camp or camping ground.

[French décamper, from Old French descamper, to strike camp : des-, de- + camper, to camp (from camp, camp; see camp1).]

de·camp′ment n.
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Noun1.decampment - the act of running away secretly (as to avoid arrest)decampment - the act of running away secretly (as to avoid arrest)
defection, desertion, abandonment - withdrawing support or help despite allegiance or responsibility; "his abandonment of his wife and children left them penniless"
2.decampment - breaking camp
withdrawal - the act of withdrawing; "the withdrawal of French troops from Vietnam"
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The act or an instance of escaping, as from confinement or difficulty:
Slang: lam.
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Speaking on their decampment and declaration of support for the PDP presidential candidate, Alhaji Abubakar and his running mate, Mr.
He said decampment of evacuees was also reported in Sorsogon with 65 families.
While the Director of the Office of Education explained Omar Baher that studying until now did not start as result of targeted the schools by aggression and decampment more than 300 teachers to another districts.
He said that the initial P30mn given by the DoLE-Bicol regional office was intended for emergency employment programme while the additional P30mn from central office is allocated for livelihood programme of the evacuees to help them generate income while at the evacuation centres or after decampment. "The P60mn funds allocated by our office for Mayon victims will benefit 10,000 families presently staying in various evacuation camps to help them cope up with their needs," he said.
Volcanologists here warned local residents that it is still not safe to go back to their homes in the danger zone amid the ongoing decampment here that is being misinterpreted by displaced residents that Mayon is on its way to calming down.
The hope of cutting court costs, the fear of a new Fronde, and the need to control the capital drove the decampment to Paris.
and her decampment to Los Angeles with Dunne by tapping her prescient take on the end of the 1960s, The White Album....
Given advertisers' continued decampment to alternate platforms and the dreadful logic of a declining print audience--income compresses faster than costs for running the presses many legacy organizations will have to operate with an expanded sense of where revenue can come from: running events, applying for grants for specific beats, digital membership dollars from the most committed 5 percent of readers.