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tr.v. de·cant·ed, de·cant·ing, de·cants
1. To pour off (wine, for example) without disturbing the sediment.
2. To pour (a liquid) from one container into another.
3. To aerate (a wine) by pouring it into a spacious vessel and leaving it exposed to the air for a period of time: decanted the wine for twenty minutes before serving.

[Medieval Latin dēcanthāre : Latin dē-, de- + Latin canthus, rim of a wheel or vessel (of Celtic origin).]

de′can·ta′tion (dē′kăn-tā′shən) n.


(Chemistry) the act of decanting a liquid
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Noun1.decantation - the act of gently pouring off a clear liquor (as from its original bottle) without disturbing the lees
transfusion - the action of pouring a liquid from one vessel to another
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Tenders are invited for providing man power for tank wagon decantation services
The nematode were extracted from soil samples by Cobb's sieving and decantation technique (Cobb, 1918) and by a modified Baermann (1917) funnel technique.
To achieve the desired design throughput, engineers decided to upgrade the existing tailings washing stream, a counter current decantation (CCD) circuit, by adding CCD thickeners as fourth and fifth stages to improve the recovery of the dissolved metals and reduce the cyanide content in the feed to the detox stage, thus increasing metal revenue and decreasing operating costs for the plant.
The decantation phase enables the separation of heavy objects and contaminants from the film, whilst a pre-washing action removes other pollutants and dirt.
Cela dit, a cinq journees de la fin du mi-parcours et a la lecture du classement general, on s'apercoit que ca se bouscule au portillon en haut comme en bas et il est quasi certain que la decantation ne se fera pas des la prochaine journee, voire meme avant l'entame de la phase retour.
The ether was removed by decantation, and then acetone (120 ml) was added.
It adjusts the dose of the flocculant according to the materials it contains and also adjusts the decantation speed in that specific time of the cycle.
Three stool samples were collected from each patient every second day; the samples were fixed in 10% formalin and tested by light microscopy using the methods of direct smear in Lugol's solution, decantation in distilled water, and Fulleborn's flotation.
Within this context, MOURINO & STEFANI (2006) evaluated four fecal collection methods for the determination of protein digestibility of bullfrog feeds and found that fecal decantation was the most indicated.
The illegal decantation could cause cylinder blasts because the shop owners care little about the safety gadgets that must be used to fill the gas.
You see a natural process of decantation, where the government moves and some businesses follow, but not entirely.
Ce [beaucoup moins que]clan[beaucoup plus grand que] s'obstine a faire la sourde oreille aux appels insistants pour une transition democratique, qui susciterait l'adhesion de toutes les forces vives et de la societe civile pour [beaucoup moins que]privilegier la decantation dans le champ public, prealable a toute refondation et sauvegarde nationale[beaucoup plus grand que].