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tr.v. de·cap·i·tat·ed, de·cap·i·tat·ing, de·cap·i·tates
1. To cut off the head of; behead.
2. To destroy or incapacitate (a government or organization, for example) by killing or removing its leader or leaders.

[Late Latin dēcapitāre, dēcapitāt- : Latin dē-, de- + Latin caput, capit-, head; see kaput- in Indo-European roots.]

de·cap′i·ta′tion n.
de·cap′i·ta′tor n.
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Noun1.decapitation - execution by cutting off the victim's headdecapitation - execution by cutting off the victim's head
capital punishment, death penalty, executing, execution - putting a condemned person to death
2.decapitation - killing by cutting off the headdecapitation - killing by cutting off the head  
kill, putting to death, killing - the act of terminating a life
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قَطْعُ رَأْس
hálshögg; aftaka
başını kesmekellesini uçurma


[dɪˌkæpɪˈteɪʃən] Ndecapitación f, degollación f
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[dɪˌkæpɪˈteɪʃən] n (= beheading) → décapitation f
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nEnthauptung f (geh)
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(diˈkӕpiteit) verb
to cut the head from (especially a person). He was decapitated in the accident.
deˌcapiˈtation noun
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With this significant remark the Supreme Gobbler left him, and thenceforward the Pious Person dreamed of himself as white meat and dark until rudely awakened by decapitation.
Taking a few turns on the quarter-deck, he paused to gaze over the side, then slowly getting into the main-chains he took Stubb's long spade --still remaining there after the whale's decapitation --and striking it into the lower part of the half-suspended mass, placed its other end crutch-wise under one arm, and so stood leaning over with eyes attentively fixed on this head.
"One other will be enough to make him loosen his coils!" cried Tom, as he fired again, and such was the killing power of the electric bullets that the snake, though an immense one, and one that short of decapitation could have received many injuries without losing power, seemed to shrivel up.
Who would believe that there could be any one so cruel as to long for the decapitation of the luckless Pedro; yet the sailors pray every minute, selfish fellows, that the miserable fowl may be brought to his end.
If I was under sentence of decapitation, and was about to be instantly decapitated, and an express arrived with a pardon for the condemned convict Grewgious if he wrote a play, I should be under the necessity of resuming the block, and begging the executioner to proceed to extremities,--meaning,' said Mr.
give them no quarter unless they surrender;” and struck a furious blow upward with his sabre, that would have divided the steward into moieties by subjecting him to the process of decapitation, but for the fortunate interference of the muzzle of the swivel.
decapitation Jijiji Ri, a high officer of the Court.
Cara, from Stockport, says a paramedic and a traffic officer warned that if Albie had not been rear facing, he could of suffered a severe spinal injury or even internal decapitation.
'The last post wished Hun Sen to die by decapitation. This should happen to you.
The decapitation of political parties that are seen as corrupt is taking place as key state institutions find themselves on the same page on the issue.
A former Cook County chief medical examiner testified Friday that Donnie Rudd's second wife was killed by blows to her head, disputing a defense expert's account that she died from "internal decapitation" as a result of a car crash.
"Her conduct set in train a course of events which ultimately resulted in the decapitation of Baby B and to this extent contributed to that decapitation.