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n. decapsulación, incisión y extirpación de una cápsula.
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Smiths ISO/IEC 17025-accredited testing equipment and capabilities include chemical testing, C-SAM acoustic microscopy, decapsulation, X-ray fluorescence, solderability testing, and X-ray systems.
For more than a decade, STI has performed chemical decapsulation to remove leadframes and overmolds, exposing the bare die in order to tell whether a part is original or counterfeit.
A Decapsulation part of proposed frame work is used to open up transmitted encapsulated data, separate faked chaff points from original minutiae points.
Destructive methods involve decapsulation and cross-sectioning.
A die shield, for example, is a tamper-proof conductive mesh that surrounds the MCU to protect against decapsulation and interference in circuit operation.
Although this method offers increased cell protection, it is limited by reduced diffusion of gases and nutrients through the capsule, plus the requirement of decapsulation for cell harvest.
Methodologically anchored in Critical Collaborative Research (PCCol) (MAGALHAES, 2009, 2011, 2012), characterized as intervention research (2) focusing on the notions of decapsulation and transformation of school learning, the project is organized in fortnightly meetings with six teachers from different epistemological areas, one pedagogical coordinator of the language and its technologies area and four Applied Linguistics researchers.
In both GTP and PMIP approaches the [mathematical expression ] not reproducible] includes (i) the delay of routing IP packets between CN and PGW; (ii) the delay of data packet encapsulation (over GTP-U or GRE) on PGW; (iii) the delay of routing the tunneled packets in the path between PGW and SGW; and (iv) the delay of data packet decapsulation in SGW.
Typical open approaches, like LRV transposition, mesoaortic transposition, nephropexy, renal decapsulation, and renal auto-transplantation [18, 44], are effective but invasive.
Partial decapsulation of splenic epithelial cysts: studies on etiology and outcome.
Frequently RCFA-1 involves decapsulation and internal study with sub-layer removal, cross-sectioning, circuit's segment-component isolation or shortening, etc.
5, either encapsulation or decapsulation module belongs to the overlay packet sub-layer.