exponential decay

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Noun1.exponential decay - a decrease that follows an exponential function
decay, decline - a gradual decrease; as of stored charge or current
relaxation behavior, relaxation - (physics) the exponential return of a system to equilibrium after a disturbance
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d] can be replaced by the laboratory decay constant, [lambda], with good precision.
v] with respect to both time and distance from CWD, a modified Gaussian decay function of distance from the CWD was applied to the time decay constant [c.
However, the decay constant can be correlated with the formation of conductive networks.
Where CRn (t) is radon concentration measured by CRM Ceq is equilibrium radon concentration (when t = 7T1/2) is decay constant of radon and t is exposure time.
From chapter 33 of ASHRAE Fundamentals, we have the formula for the decay constant in zone 3, the main zone, in IP units (Equation 1).
To assist in comparison of litter decay rates we calculated the annual litter decay constant (k) for each litter type by fitting mass loss over time to a single negative exponential model (Olson 1963)
returns can still be characterized by an exponential function, albeit different with a smaller prefactor and a larger decay constant than that for returns less than 4% (B < A and [beta] > [alpha], respectfully).
Isaac stated that we assumed that "C-14 did not have an accelerated decay constant while heavier nuclei did" (p.
The decay constant of the cluster flux is assumed to be equal to that of the axial solid holdup profile.
a = decay constant, which is unique for each radioactive isotope
RUSLE computes decomposition of organic matter in the ground cover and the soil biomass pools; the rate of decomposition is mainly governed by a user-defined decay constant, and adjusted according to monthly temperature and precipitation.
The decay constant was k = -a', and the approximated PTH concentration at adenectomy was [C.