deceased person

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Noun1.deceased person - someone who is no longer alivedeceased person - someone who is no longer alive; "I wonder what the dead person would have done"
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
dead - people who are no longer living; "they buried the dead"
infernal - an inhabitant of Hell; "his roar made the infernals quake"
living dead, zombie, zombi - a dead body that has been brought back to life by a supernatural force
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The internal jugular vein had been cut through, with such violence, judging by the appearances, that the wound could not have been inflicted, in the act of suicide, by the hand of the deceased person.
Consulting a later number of the newspaper Emily discovered that the deceased person had been identified by a witness from London.
I know the man, and know him to have been in communication with Bucket before, respecting a deceased person who had given him offence.
It is submitted that this could be used as a guide for determining which next-of-kin relatives should have the right to give written consent for the publication of personal medical information on a deceased person.
Rs, inconvenience to police personnel and, should the death occur in a public area, trauma to members of the public , it is a requirement that the body of the deceased person is removed from the place of death , within one hour of notification by h.
It will also help in recording the identity of the deceased person.
It will provide an effective method to prevent identity fraud and will also help in recording the identity of the deceased person.
If the applicant is not aware of the Aadhaar number or EID of the deceased, he/she will be required to provide a certificate that the deceased person does not possess Aadhaar number to the best of his/her knowledge.
The aforesaid was raised by the President of Larnaca court in a recent judgment after heirs demanded the annulment of a transfer of land in the name of other heirs of a deceased person through fraud, misrepresentation or illegal and irregular procedures.
One deceased person was removed from the list," it said.
Maulana Khursheed Ahmad Sadique, general secretary Mukaram Khan Saba, ex MNA Mia Hazrat Hussain Jillani ,Mulana Atta Ur Rehman and others threw lights over the services and capabilities of deceased person and discussed in detail his all aspects of life.
Some Facebook users suggested that these women did not cause any damage to the plot and some others said that who knows they knew the deceased person.