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1. Relating to or lasting for ten years.
2. Occurring every ten years.
A tenth anniversary.

[From Latin decennium, a period of ten years; see decennium.]

de·cen′ni·al·ly adv.


1. (Units) lasting for ten years
2. (Units) occurring every ten years
a tenth anniversary or its celebration
deˈcennially adv


(dɪˈsɛn i əl)

1. of or for ten years.
2. occurring every ten years.
3. a decennial anniversary.
4. its celebration.
de•cen′ni•al•ly, adv.
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It is seldom that the men of Manataj attend other than the decennial games.
Contract notice: provisions for property and casualty insurance, cnr and the 10-year decennial collective agreement for the cip operation
As German Chancellor Angela Merkel celebrates 10 years as the country's political leader, domestic and international media have mused over her decennial tour de force.
It should be kept in mind that professional indemnity insurance might not respond to a claim made under Article 880 (dealing with decennial liability) of the Civil Code for any major design defects which threaten the safety and stability of the building.
That's why they called for a decennial survey in Article 1, Section 2 of the Constitution - the second item of business after the establishment of Congress.
MOGAVEERS Bahrain will be holding an induction ceremony of its newly appointed Decennial Executive Committee on Friday at the Indian Club in Gudaibiya.
The Texas House approved new political maps last week as part of decennial redistricting.
Bulgaria's population has declined by some 600 000 people in the course of 10 years, according to preliminary data from the country's decennial survey, published by the 24 chasa daily.
Senatorial Certificate of Congratulations", signed by US Senator John Ensign for Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, says: "The Decennial Census could not have been successful without your tireless efforts".
Authorities appeal to residents to cooperate with decennial drive that will end on June 12
The Education Ministry has requested a loan from the Inter-American Development Bank for a Program to Support the Decennial Education Plan (BID 2293/OC/DR).
Beginniing March 15, 2010, the Census Bureau will conduct the nation's 23rd decennial census to gather a complete count of the population of the United States to include the personnel living on board naval installations and ships with a U.