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1. Relating to or lasting for ten years.
2. Occurring every ten years.
A tenth anniversary.

[From Latin decennium, a period of ten years; see decennium.]

de·cen′ni·al·ly adv.


1. (Units) lasting for ten years
2. (Units) occurring every ten years
a tenth anniversary or its celebration
deˈcennially adv


(dɪˈsɛn i əl)

1. of or for ten years.
2. occurring every ten years.
3. a decennial anniversary.
4. its celebration.
de•cen′ni•al•ly, adv.
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"It is seldom that the men of Manataj attend other than the decennial games.
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A decennial meeting of all Anglican bishops, the next Lambeth Conference, usually held in Great Britain, is scheduled to be held in 2008.
From February 2006 through June 2009, the Bureau is holding a ''Dress Rehearsal'' during which it plans to conduct operational testing that includes decennial systems acquisitions.
Paul Gibson went to England to the 1998 Lambeth Conference (the church's decennial meeting of bishops from around the world) as a member of its support staff and came back home nearly shaking with anger.
The decennial census is a constitutionally mandated activity, with immutable deadlines.
For years, the bank maintained a studied, even disdainful, silence over the criticisms, Things began to change in July 1998 when bank president Robert Wolfensohn attended a session on debt relief of the global decennial meeting of Anglican bishops in England, Lambeth '98.
GAO was asked to (1) provide an IT profile of the Census Bureau, including an overview of information technology management and plans for the 2010 decennial census and (2) evaluate the adequacy of the bureau's IT policies, procedures, and practices in the areas of investment management, system development/management, enterprise architecture management, information security, and human capital.