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v. de·cen·tral·ized, de·cen·tral·iz·ing, de·cen·tral·iz·es
1. To distribute the administrative functions or powers of (a central authority) among several local authorities.
a. To bring about the redistribution of (an urban population and industry) to suburban areas.
b. To cause to withdraw or disperse from a center of concentration: decentralize a university complex; decentralize a museum.
To undergo redistribution or dispersal away from a central location or authority.

de·cen′tral·i·za′tion (-trə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
de·cen′tral·i·za′tion·ist adj. & n.
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Adj.1.decentralized - withdrawn from a center or place of concentration; especially having power or function dispersed from a central to local authorities; "a decentralized school administration"
centralised, centralized - drawn toward a center or brought under the control of a central authority; "centralized control of emergency relief efforts"; "centralized government"


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We cannot but think that it supplies an argument to those who would wish to see our detectives more decentralized, and so brought into closer and more effective touch with the cases which it is their duty to investigate."
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 21, 2019-: Decentralized Energy Storage Market 2019 - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2024
DECENTRALIZED 2019 proudly welcomes several new top-tier names to the blockchain and cryptocurrency conference line-up, as well as a number of well-known local and international sponsors, coming together over three days under the banner of delineating and, ultimately, realizing the next steps in our Decentralized future.
Citing lack of clarity from regulators, ( Bancor , a decentralized exchange platform will be restricting US traders.
Summary: New Delhi [India] June 6(ANI/NewsVoir): South Delhi Municipal Corporation's (SDMC) Punjabi Bagh decentralized waste processing biogas plant is the first plant to install net metering.
Function X is built to be the next-generation internet service framework which consists of a combination of: a new blockchain algorithm, a complete set of decentralized network components, a decentralized communication architecture and a decentralized governance protocol.
Toronto, Canada, October 29, 2018 --( Skrumble Network (SKM), the world's first public chainfor decentralized communication-centric connections and financial transactions, today announced that Ally, its first decentralized application (dApp), has accumulated over 100,000 users, in turn becoming one of the top dApps in the world by userbase.
The Britain-born scientist took a sabbatical from MIT to build this "commercial venture off of Solid -- a decentralized web platform he and others at MIT have spent years building." Solid is a two-year-old project that has made some serious headway towards making a decentralised web a reality.
"This is not just a new name, but part of a larger effort to invest in products that will define the future of the decentralized web and make that future accessible to anyone.
ApolloX has unveild its decentralized global blockchain platform, that will empower future e-commerce businesses with trust, transparency, data ownership and minimal fees.
Let's take a look at how decentralized data management fits into the two schools of thought when it comes to cloud migrations: Lift & Shift and Green Field-Only.

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