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tr.v. de·cer·ti·fied, de·cer·ti·fy·ing, de·cer·ti·fies
To revoke the certification of: voted to decertify the union.

de·cer′ti·fi·ca′tion (dē-sûr′tə-fĭ-kā′shən, dē′sər-) n.
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vb (tr) , -fies, -fying or -fied
to withdraw or remove a certificate or certification from (a person, organization, or country)
deˌcertifiˈcation n
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Verb1.decertify - cause to be no longer approved or accepted; "Carter derecognized Taiwan in 1979 after the U.S. recognized the People's Republic of China"
licence, license, certify - authorize officially; "I am licensed to practice law in this state"
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Failure to do either will increase the facility's potential for governmental sanctions, including criminal prosecution and decertification. Nursing homes that take the time to develop and implement effective compliance plans are protecting not only their livelihoods but their reputations as quality institutions.
The United States has given President Hugo Banzer orders to raze 7,000 hectares of coca plants from the Chapare jungle or risk "decertification" as a worthy partner in the drug war--a move that would have devastating economic consequences.
This was the first in a series of actions which have as their goal the decertification of all the recognized bargaining units.
The Copper Crucible provides a detailed account of the 1983 strike at the Phelps Dodge copper mines, which involved the hiring of permanent replacements for 2,000 Arizona workers and ultimately led to the decertification of the United Steelworkers Union along with the other 29 smaller unions that had represented workers at the mines.
He said an employer may lawfully encourage and campaign for union decertification, but urged guidance to avoid legal pitfalls in the National Labor Relations Board decertification procedures.
When the votes were counted in a December decertification election, this was the result: Bus drivers voted for LRCTA by 167 to 3; teacher aides, by 317 to 18; and custodians, by 198 to 4.
Legal issues covered by the review include the following: (1) discrimination in employment by race, religion, sex, national origin, age, or handicap; (2) substantive constitutional rights, including freedom of speech, association, and religion, along with issues of privacy and substantive due process; (3) procedural due process; (4) issues of dismissal, nonrenewal, demotion, and discipline (for insubordination, unprofessional conduct, immorality, or incompetence); (5) reduction in force and involuntary leaves of absence; (6) contractual disputes; (7) tenure; (8) and certification, decertification, revocation, and suspension.
Shamkhani underlined that decertification of the deal by the US president meant Washington's disloyalty to international agreements, and issued a stern warning against Donald Trump's continued disrespect for the deal.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 24, 2015-Goldcorp announces cyanide code decertification for El Sauzal Mine
[begin strikethrough](7) Decertification or, if the mediator is not certified, bar from service as a mediator under Florida Rules of Civil Procedure.[end strikethrough]
The apprehension of the exchange companies is justified only if the steps being taken by the State Bank to broaden participation in the kerb markets are followed up by decertification of the exchange companies.