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tr.v. de·cer·ti·fied, de·cer·ti·fy·ing, de·cer·ti·fies
To revoke the certification of: voted to decertify the union.

de·cer′ti·fi·ca′tion (dē-sûr′tə-fĭ-kā′shən, dē′sər-) n.


vb (tr) , -fies, -fying or -fied
to withdraw or remove a certificate or certification from (a person, organization, or country)
deˌcertifiˈcation n
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Verb1.decertify - cause to be no longer approved or accepted; "Carter derecognized Taiwan in 1979 after the U.S. recognized the People's Republic of China"
licence, license, certify - authorize officially; "I am licensed to practice law in this state"
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By the same date, Trump must also decide whether to certify or decertify Iran's compliance with the deal.
does not aim to impede European trade and business transactions with Iran despite President Donald Trump's decision last week to decertify the 2015 nuclear agreement, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told the Wall Street Journal.
The telephone conversation was the second of its kind after US President Donald Trump said he would decertify Iran's compliance and let the Congress decide about re-imposing sanctions on Iran.
We agreePresident Trumps action to decertify the Iran deal is an important first step to standing up to Iran and addressing the entirety of the Iranian threat, including their ICBM program and state sponsorship of terrorism.
The statements came despite President Donald Trump's decision on Friday to decertify that Iran was meeting the requirements of the 2015 international deal in contradiction with assessments by US generals and multiple reports by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that verified Iran's compliance.
Oct 6 (ANI): The United States President Donald Trump on Thursday said that he is close to announcing his decision on whether to decertify the Iran nuclear agreement.
President Donald Trump is expected to announce soon that he will decertify the landmark international deal to curb Iran's nuclear programme, a senior administration official said on Thursday, in a step that potentially could cause the 2015 accord to unravel.
OLYMPIA -- Washington state collective bargaining laws make it easy for unions to organize public employees, but difficult for the employees to ever change unions or decertify.
the National Labor Relations Board affirms a contract bar doctrine limiting to three years the window during which a collective bargaining agreement restricts unit members from pursuing a vote to decertify their union.
Georgia Power, the largest subsidiary of Southern Company (NYSE: SO), is planning to file a request with the Georgia Public Service Commission to decertify Unit 3 at Plant Mitchell in Albany, Georgia in 2014.
EAST BROOKFIELD - Howe Lumber on Route 9 is appealing a recent move by the state to decertify or halt a 2004-2005 tax increment financing plan granted by the town.
SEIU officials questioned the validity of the employees' petition to decertify the union, even though the company said that union officials reviewed the petitions and never challenged them.