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1. Without doubt or question; definite: a decided success.
2. Free from hesitation or vacillation; resolute.

de·cid′ed·ly adv.
de·cid′ed·ness n.
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Wade felt an inexplicable hurt at the decidedness of little Rose's preference for Martin.
Contrary to expectations, Career Decidedness and Optimism were positively related to academic major change, regardless of class ranking.
Evaluation of an intervention to foster time perspective and career decidedness in a group of Italian adolescents.
Career decidedness and psychological distress among college students.
E-discovery requires precision and (I call it) decidedness to recall EVERY related item, article, document or e-mail related to a matter and leave the guesswork behind.
Among more than 5,000 first year college students, presence of a calling correlated strongly with career decidedness, comfort with career choice, and self-clarity.
Rest bog, S L D, Florentine, A R & Garcia, P R J M 2010 "The mediating roles of career self-efficacy and career decidedness in the relationship between contextual support and persistence" Journal of Vocational Behavior 77: 186-195
Such clarity and decidedness would have to be predicated on a level of moral responsibility and legal accountability for the numerous war crimes committed in Iraq.
Antigone's assertive decidedness becomes particularly apparent in her exchanges with her sister Ismene, perhaps the only family member who tries to escape the tragic family curse of the house of Laius by considering her options before acting on them resolutely.