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Noun1.deciduous plant - a plant having foliage that is shed annually at the end of the growing seasondeciduous plant - a plant having foliage that is shed annually at the end of the growing season
tracheophyte, vascular plant - green plant having a vascular system: ferns, gymnosperms, angiosperms
evergreen, evergreen plant - a plant having foliage that persists and remains green throughout the year
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Also known as burning bush, it is a deciduous plant which produces vivid fiery red foliage in autumn followed by red/ purple seed pods that attract birds.
But the big advantage of a deciduous plant, says Leslie, is that it really celebrates the change in seasons: "You get this glossy, fresh growth every spring."
Thyme, a deciduous plant, is known for its grey-green or silver leaves, and is mostly 20-30cm high.
Thyme, a deciduous plant, is known for its grey green or silver leaves, mostly between 20-30 cm high.
Correlation analysis was carried out during determining the relationships between the areas that the plants covered on the photographs and the adjective groups therefore true perceptional relationship was found between the evergreen plants and deciduous plant ratio and quality and strength groups in the compositions.
Mulberry, found in subtropical regions, is a deciduous plant with good nutritional value.
The only other decision is choosing between an evergreen or a deciduous plant,.
Windburn can be eliminated in the design stage of the landscape if the planner selects deciduous plant materials rather than evergreen materials.
The daphne mezereum is a deciduous plant and gets its leaves after flowering in late spring.
FLOODED Deciduous plant roots are dormant in winter so less likely to be damaged by water.
The deciduous plant is dramatic even without smoke, thanks to its large, rounded, plum-colored leaves, which hold their color through much of the summer.
Bog myrtle is a distinctive shrubby, deciduous plant spread with a variety of uses.